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Dating Gun dot Com
United States, California
An online free dating guide. Free books. Relationship tips and dating tips....
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Wise Life Advice
Asia, Malaysia
This is a blog that shares useful life advice based on real life experiences. When read and contemplated thoughtfully, these materials have the power to transform your life completely....
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Glow Reloaded
Europe, Romania
A very interesting and captivating blog about life in the simplest sense of the word....
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Canvas of life
Asia, Bangladesh
Explore the real lives of very general people from Bangladesh....
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Just Another Angry Blog
North America, Canada
Because the voice of the angry, disenfranchised, twentysomething is soooo underrepresented on the Internet....
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Wedding Are Fun Blog
United States, Missouri
Weddings Are Fun offers unique and personalized wedding favors, bridal accessories, wedding candles, candle wedding favors, bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer gifts, bridal apparel, bridal jewelry, beach wedding favors and other elegant bridal accessories at discount prices!...
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Need A Miracle
United States, Virginia
The Power of Positive Affirmations changed my life and now it can change yours. Find out by visiting my site. ...
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Relationships-are they worth it
United States, Utah
Just a rant about marraige, separation and divorce....
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Northern Maine Adventures
United States, Maryland
The blog about a Baltimore suburban kid who went to Maine, chased a few country girls around, became a bear hunting guide, and fit right in with the country folks. Lots of photos and stories. ...
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Groovy Lady
United States, Alabama
A fun and refreshing collaborative blog by five women from different walks of life, spanning three countries, who think that all ladies deserve a place where their groovy side can come out and play....
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Cai Verzi Pe Peretzi
Europe, Romania
Blog cu interes civic, Cai Verzi Pe Peretzi, muzici, proteste si evenimente alternative....
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Minnesota Weddings Blog
United States, Minnesota
Reviews of wedding reception sites in Minnesota, including tips and information about local wedding fairs, plus reviews of Minnesota wedding vendors, such as photographers and musicians....
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Asia, Pakistan
MicroPakistan looks at Pakistan through a microscope. It doesn’t concern itself with the big picture. There is no need for facts and figures here. This blog is about things that concern Pakistani people as a nation. It concerns human developement, not economic growth depicted through the riches of a few. We will deal with everything, but with a critical eye on real issues and real problems and where possible, talk about real solutions. Also, use this as a platform to promote Pakistani art and cu...
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The Spy Shop Blog
Oceania, Australia
Free articles and advice on which hidden cameras and detection equipment best suits your needs. Spy equipment to ease your worries and protect your personal privacy....
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The Unique Gift Blog
United States, Minnesota
We are always looking for new, unique gifts. When we find something we like, we post it here....
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