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The RFAngle The RFAngle
United States, North Carolina
Top stories of the day from a conservative angle, breaking it down so you donít have to....
Blurred Bylines - Make Sense of Your World Blurred Bylines - Make Sense of Your World
United States, California
Longform posts about U.S. politics and American history with an emphasis on race, gender, and LGBTQ issues....
Libertatem News Libertatem News
United States, South Carolina
Libertatem News is a collection of news articles and commentary by Ed Haas. Fiercely dedicated to liberty, freedom, and privacy from government involvement and intrusion in our everyday lives, Haas delivers his thoughts on current events with a right jab and a thunderous left hook. A champion of a ...
Justin Stapley: Writer, author, patriot Justin Stapley: Writer, author, patriot
United States, Utah
Conservative commentary from chiefly a classically liberal, federalist, and modern conservative viewpoint....
Peace Is Better Peace Is Better
Europe, UK
Nuclear weapons are the single greatest threat to mankind. They deserve our full attention. This site covers the key past, present and future issues re nuclear weapons. The language is clear and concise....
United States, Texas
Welcome to We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground.We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them....
Tethered Swimming Tethered Swimming
United States, Alabama
A look at politics, and news from a satirical standpoint, with excellent commentary, humor and thought....
Truth-2-Power Truth-2-Power
United States, Florida
A progressive op-ed e-zine of politics and society from Huffington Post blogger Brian Ross and new voices in liberal media providing out-of-the-box opinion and news....
GopJail - US News and Politics Coverage
United States, Virginia
Where to find the latest U.S. and breaking news, current news, political commentary, and progressive satire....
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The Requite
Asia, India
The Requite is a leading platform where concerned people with scintillating intellect can give their dues for the betterment of global society. It was established with the view of providing profoundly insightful and authoritative analyses on the issues of global, economic and political developments. The platformís basic premise is to remain people-centric with the intrinsic construct of providing untrammelled ambience where one can test his/her biases, opinions and intellect against other, there...
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Manoj K jain
Asia, India
Shri Manoj K Jain is a young leader known for his all round activities in the areas of social welfare, youth awakening and political activism among lot more. Having been in the political arena, since 1985, he fought his first election from the Minto Road assembly area of Delhi in 2003.

He was only 33 years old then. In the world of politics, many stalwarts had not even taken their first step by that age. His father Shri Mahesh Jain, also a BJP member, was the sole Assembly Presi...
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Will New Zealand Be Right?
Oceania, New Zealand
The blog of a centrist New Zealander concerned about the direction his country is going in....
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Base and Superstructure
United States, Iowa
Wherein an Iowan writes about leftist politics, philosophy, and maybe baseball....
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The Renaissance of Bad Ideas
United States, New York
When the internet was invented, we were told that it would usher in a new age of connectivity and enlightenment, instead what we got was a renaissance of terrible, horrible, no good very bad ideas and we think it's glorious ...
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Pakistani Talk Shows
Asia, Pakistan is an online Political Web Portal - Pakistani Talk Shows, Comedy Shows, Political News, Sports Updates and Breaking News...
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