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Europe, Italy
per ora sono solo un blog...
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Celebrate Your Freedom
United States, Virginia
Support and resources for women survivors of domestic abuse. How to leave an abuser and be free....
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South America, Argentina
Blog orientado a la divulgación científica y el pensamiento crítico.
Ciencia, divulgación científica, ateísmo, religión, noticias y opinión... todo con un toque de humor....
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One Higher Power
United States, Florida
Seeking God and Faith outside of Religion...
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Reflections Under The Bodhi Tree
Oceania, Australia
My blog includes articles about spirituality, the paranormal, self development, animal care and more. I am primarily interested in spiritual and paranormal concepts, but I am up for sharing all experiences, tales, and fun stuff....
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Confessions of a pacific islander punk chick
United States, California
thoughts,opinions,music reviews,rants,and daily life coming from a punk/metal chick thats Filipino/black,and whats its like to be a multi racial punk chick living in California. also for tutorials[hair,makeup,and diy fashion for other biracial and ethnic women who are also rockers...
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Plus Size Blog
United States, Illinois
Thoughts about plus size lifestyle, feelings, relationships and life in general. Plus Size Blog depicts life as a real plus size woman. ...
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Pinoy Working Abroad
Asia, Philippines
Pinoy working abroad, OFW, Pinoy abroad...
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Manila Urban Blog
Asia, Philippines
My Urban Blog about Metro Manila Living, Sports, Food, Photography and Anything Experience...
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Bayu Hebat
Asia, Indonesia
Create Own Legend...
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The Eagle, the Lion, and the Dove
United States, Illinois
Walk your path from where you are right now, moving forward in love and joy, moving forward in peace. Let your light drown out the darkness of fear. Let your brightness eliminate the shadows of doubt.

We have a bizarre preoccupation with thinking that if we only do more things, at a more frantic pace, that somehow we will be successful. The key is to focus on one thing at a time, and give yourself enough space, resources and energy to grow. The words printed here are concepts. You mus...
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MyDatingZone - Your Guide To A Successful Dating
United States, California
A Free Dating Guide! Offering Practical Matchmaking Tips and Articles, Demonstrated By Interesting Reviews and Videos! Aimed For Everyone who's Intersting in Improving There Dating Skills! Find Your Perfect Match Through
Our Recommended Free Online Dating Services and Offers. I'm Sure They'll Help You Find Your Someone Special!...
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Thoughts of an Incarcerated Soul
Asia, Jordan
A blog that reflects relationships thoughts and ideas, life's problems and possible solution, humanity issues of life, technical reviews and the works....
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Beautiful World Coins
United States, Colorado
World Commemorative Silver and Gold Coins - An Illustrated Blog about recent commemorative coins from Canada, France, Australia, Poland, and the United States....
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Dead MaSSt3r
Europe, Romania
Un blog cu detoate, incepand de la viata personala pana la stiri de tot felul...
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