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Not About Religion
United States, Maine
Not About Religion magazine is an intelligent, open-minded discussion of belief and non-belief...for entertainment purposes only....
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Maple Swingers
North America, Canada
Maple Swingers - News, Opinions, Industry Watch and Everything Sweet about the Lifestyle......
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Els millors dies
Europe, Spain
Un blog sobre la vida en la ciutat de Barcelona...
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Europe, Sweden
A blog about my life here in Sweden.
What I do from day to day.

Check it out!...
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Notes of a Freethinker
Asia, Pakistan
Life through the eyes of a young Pakistani who wants to change the world some day. Find here a healthy mix a critique of the State, the religion, and the hypocritical complacency of those who are 'happy', and my experiences of life at home as an elder brother who has a lot on his hands....
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Lupins And Lemons
Europe, UK
Personal blog which also includes music videos, games and a round up of what's best on the web....
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Living the Gourmet
United States, New York
Traditional and Exotic cuisines made simple with Catherine and the crew of Living the Gourmet!...
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Green Stumbler
United States, New York
Green Stumbler - Green Cars and Gadgets Blog...
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how to get a girlfriend
North America, Canada
how men and women build their good relationship and better understanding....
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Luxury Watches Reviews
United States, Kansas
Huge luxury watches discounts,luxury watches reviews,luxury watches brands on designer watches including Citizen, Rotary,rolex and MORE. Massive range of mens and ladies watches,diamond watches,luxury watches,etc....
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Pioneza dintre fese
Europe, Romania
Pioneza dintre fese...
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Living Life La Dolce Vintage
United States, Texas
Living Life La Dolce Vintage or the Sweet Vintage. Words and thought about selling fashion items and just plain living the sweet vintage life....
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Cult Potato
Europe, UK
A mish-mash of the geeky, trendy and science-y glued together with humour. Basically whatever takes my fancy!...
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Realistic Sanctuary blog
North America, Canada
Realistic Sanctuary aims to provide a window for looking at how we might healthily address the cumulative effects of increasingly rapid change. This blog argues that becoming realistic about humanity’s problems is only the first challenge....
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James Rick Blog
United States, New York
Personal development & spiritual growth blog...
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