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Short Circuits
United States, South Carolina
A Southerners ramblings & perspectives, nothing earth shattering
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latest tips,tricks and tweaks
United States, Louisiana
Get windows tips tricks and tweaks.Optimise your internet speeds with these tweaks for free...
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Everyday Radi
Oceania, Australia
Everyday Radi is a blog by the MD of DPM Creative Group and Monday Records. ...
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Leo Adam Biga's Blog
United States, Nebraska
My blog features samples of my award-winning long-form journalism. The articles are about a diverse array of subjects. Many of the stories portray people's passion and magnificent obsession. In most cases, the stories, or versions of them, have appeared in print at some point in time. Because these are rather timeless stories, there should always be an audience for them. In some cases, the stories are being published for the first time with their posting on the blog site.

The maj...
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Full of Articles
Africa, Egypt
FullofArticles.Info get mass articles in hundreds of niche fields to be a helpful connection between writers and readers....
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Notes from Nadir
United States, Alabama
Notes from Nadir is a darkly humorous look at a year in the life of a writer who returns to her "flyover country" home to live with her elderly mother....
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Tsurei no Seimei
Europe, Belgium
Abusing pen and paper to give some piece of mind. A wordpress blog that contains writing, reasoning, thinking, ... Poetry....
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Screenwriting Resource
United States, New York
A comprehensive collection of screenwriting links....
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The Bamboo Sea
Asia, China
The Bamboo Sea is an online collection of short stories,poetry, sketches and articles by writers living in China....
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Notebook of a Gamer
North America, Canada
Site is meant for documentation of thoughts, ideals, and standards of old and new games we play....
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Phree Xpressions
United States, California
A Collection of Writing from a chaotic mind....
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Ollie Lind
Oceania, Australia
Poems and observations about life, love, friendship and everything that people care about.

Poetry exploring insights experiences and feelings gained living life.

Poems on life inspirational poems love poems friendship poems poems about life family our society and life in the world today.

One of the greatest sources of joy for me is writing poetry. It releases my soul and allows me to express beauty, sadness and what to me is the essence of living; being connect...
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Christian Quotes
United States, New York
A collection of Christian quotes, Bible verses and famous inspirational sayings from the bible....
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The Blunt Crayon
Europe, UK
This site catches the brain spill wonderings and doodles from Paul Macauley as he continues his efforts to write and make films, amongst other things, and be alive and stuff....
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achille fiorillo
Europe, Italy
blog of Achille Fiorillo the writer - short stories and novels...
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