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Another world is possible
Oceania, Australia
Consciousness, awareness, ecology, environment, sustainability, permaculture, revolution, new age, health, human rights, economy, politics, tribal, transformation, healing, love, poetry, travel, short stories. Another world is possible!!! ...
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Africa, Kenya
Official blog of pan-African Writer and Sports entertainment impresario, Alexander Nderitu. Contains: Book excerpts, poems, short stories, essays, song lyrics, pictures, chat, videos and some of the world's greatest quotes!...
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The Truth About Lies
Europe, UK
Scottish author Jim Murdoch discusses writing, his own and other authors, and muses at length about his fascination with the perversity of language. Veering from the nostalgic to the acerbic his blog will amuse anyone with a love of language....
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online writing service
United States, Alaska
the blog is purely related to writing service on the internet it provdes service for those who want to learn about learning or those who want the servive of the team of writes to get their work finished on the time ..
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The Annotated Zoetrope
Europe, France
A blog of cross-cultural anecdotes highlighted with photographs and videos by a journalist/writer who has lived on four continents and travels extensively. Focus on France, Venezuela, Alaska, Spain, California, New York and India.
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Presence Publications
United States, Ohio
"The clarity of thought that arises from the benefits of meditation and self-introspection becomes the printed works we establish."

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Book Publishing Blog
Asia, Philippines
Book publishing blog is a blog site that explains different methods and ways on how to write a book and how to publish it....
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PLR Underground
North America, Canada
tips for writing articles, article writer, article writing, tips on article writing, article writing tips, internet marketing, article marketing, unique articles, plr articles, unique plr articles, unique plr, individual articles, individual plr, ...
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Random Thoughts
Asia, India
The blog is simply a collection of random thoughts that crosses my mind often!...
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Article Wares
United States, Georgia-USA
A free article directory open to the general public....
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Europe, UK
A writer's blog from a Copywriter. Full of opinion, cynicism and general nonsense. ...
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Short Circuits
United States, South Carolina
A Southerners ramblings & perspectives, nothing earth shattering
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latest tips,tricks and tweaks
United States, Louisiana
Get windows tips tricks and tweaks.Optimise your internet speeds with these tweaks for free...
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Everyday Radi
Oceania, Australia
Everyday Radi is a blog by the MD of DPM Creative Group and Monday Records. ...
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Leo Adam Biga's Blog
United States, Nebraska
My blog features samples of my award-winning long-form journalism. The articles are about a diverse array of subjects. Many of the stories portray people's passion and magnificent obsession. In most cases, the stories, or versions of them, have appeared in print at some point in time. Because these are rather timeless stories, there should always be an audience for them. In some cases, the stories are being published for the first time with their posting on the blog site.

The maj...
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