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Simply Abhishek
Asia, India
This blog contains bits & pieces of my thoughts & thinking, and may be also some great experiences of my life. As Iíve just started, you may not find my writings much effective or interesting at this moment. But, I have to do this because I want to do this. I want to make an impact. No matter how small or big, I will be working on it. The subject matters that youíll read here, are just my personal perceptions, beliefs and experiences. So iíll just say, take the good and leave the rest. ...
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The Duskess
Asia, India
A functional-fashion enthusiast and a bargain ninja!
Come float with me through my space and interpretation of fashion!...
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mumbai call girls
Asia, India
musicality with the desires of the visitor. This is some kind of administration where the visitor ought to be rationally and physically fulfilled to the best degree. ...
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Sand and Stone | A Blog by Gia Sison
Asia, Philippines
This is the official blog of Doctor Gia Sison. Read about life, love, social media, healthcare and more!...
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The Redeemed Pupil
Europe, Poland
A forty something's blog chronicling the pursuit of an online seminary Masters degree. All the highs and lows of utilizing an online platform for spiritual growth and knowing God....
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It's American Press
United States, Michigan
It's a new way to brew. It's a coffee press without the mess. It's American Press. ...
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Zack Massa
United States, Texas
Motivational blog with a Christian Worldview....
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Sable Beauty
Europe, UK
Sable Beauty is a great shop which caters to those who enjoy quality beauty products and a great service to go with t!...
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United States, Alabama
Crazy Ask - Free daily women's lifestyle magazine online about hairstyles, love, fashion, beauty tips, celebrities gossip, lifestyle trend and more......
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Cody Mclain
United States, Texas
We all live in a world that is constantly vying for our attention. So much so itís easy to lose sight of our goals, drown our ambitions, and fall short of our dreams. I write about overcoming these challenges. I look at how we can shape our environment, and more importantly our mindset to adopting more efficient methods and ways of thinking....
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E Guides Service
United States, Texas
Eguides Service is online guide service that is providing online guides about famous U.S and Canadaís departmental, shopping, restaurants, retailers and stores survey. You can get to know by filling these free surveys how you can win surprising gifts like cash, gift cards, coupon codes and free products on your next visits. ...
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What Is Whatman
Europe, France
A blog about a Kiwi who flew north to Paris, with far too much time on his hands. A patriot; a dilettante; a hero....
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The Only One Lonely
United States, Indiana
Joe is a 27-year-old resident of Indianapolis. In 2007, he received a degree in the Fine Art of Being Super Cool and is presently self-employed as a professional in that same field. Read about this and other completely fictional (but usually non-fictional!) accounts of his life right here....
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Marine Journal of Capt Nikolskiy
Europe, Russian Federation
Marine journal with photos and videos from all over the world and also about seafarers' life aboard tankers. Historical affairs review and political news. ...
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Kate's Crossing
United States, Ohio
Musings on life, relationships and the why of it all....
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