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United States, Virginia
Virginia-Mike is a personal blog about whatever's on my mind. Topics can range anywhere from computers to gardening.
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United States, Minnesota
A blog about bikes, economics, and whatever else I happen to be thinking about.
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Chapuzas de casa, Ikea Hacks
Europe, Spain
Blog sobre mis reciclajes de muebles, ikea hack y bricolaje....
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Voyeur's Vision
Asia, Philippines
Search The Truth.. Trust The Voice Within. It will Set Us Free.
Your one stop informative Blog...
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File de poveste
Europe, Romania
Daca iti place ce vezi revino in locul unde gandurile mele cunosc adevarata libertate, da-ti frau imaginatiei si veti vedea cat este de usor !...
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Hot Funny Jokes And SMS collection
Asia, India
Now laugh with open heart by reading and sending beautiful and funny SMS, hot messages and jokes and also make others smile who are closed to you by sharing this and enjoy everyday of your life with full of fun and entertainment....
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Many faces of me...
Asia, India
My own space, where I lodge my thoughts, experiences but mostly my conflicts within... I also add things worth reading I come across......
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Girlfriends Are Like Shoes
North America, Canada
A girly blog about friendship, shopping, tips, crafts, social causes and everything else!...
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My Gallery
South America, Argentina
Daily doses of myself. Photography, writing and hot topics....
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Shri Namramuni Maharajsaheb
Asia, India
Namramuni Maharajsaheb is one of the youngest Jain monk of India. Namramuni is a sole believer of Humanity. Namramuni is the most followed Jain monk of the country....
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scarlet work
Asia, India
Personal blog of a budding entrepreneur. Discussing several aspects of life from self improvement, entrepreneurship, winning in emerging economies, technology and internet, personality, motivation, and performance....
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Discover How To Achieve All Your Goals And Dreams Fast!
Oceania, Australia
A revolutionary tool to create abundance, attract more money and succeed in life. It makes your positive affirmations stick! Visit this website today and discover how simple it is to keep focused on your goals....
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Alcansando Al Nesecitado
United States, New York
This blog is a daily feed of the spiritual food and health of the human being. Its a daily feed of biblical and daily messages or reasonings of the interpreted message or passage. ...
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Europe, Romania
Scout, Trainer and Online Enthusiast....
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Newest Fashion Trends
United States, Mississippi
If you are the person that always wants to keep up with times with fashion, then our exclusive clothing and make up reviews of trends will be interesting for you....
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