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Blogu cu idei
Europe, Romania
ideile la care te gandesti puse pe un blog...
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Rue The Day Blog
United States, California
The best of the internet and more. Short stories, lol cats, random facts, quotes, silly, fun and all kinds of good stuff....
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Facts About Flat Eric
Europe, Greece
Everyone knows everything about the famous yellow bear, the ex-star of Levis commercial: Flat Eric

Well yeah, you don't know anything!!! This blog will reveal piece-by-piece the whole truth about this yellow fluffy thing!...
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Pictures Haha
Asia, Malaysia
Collections of funny pics & cool wallpapers.....
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Goodguy, the nihilist - comic strips
Europe, Ireland
There are superheroes... and then there are good guys! What's that up in the sky? A plane? A bird? Well, it sure as hell isn't Goodguy! Explore a nihilist supaheros life! Brand new adventures from mondays to thursdays! Comic strip mania! Remember: always be a Believer!...
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Friendship sms
Asia, Pakistan
A selection of lovely, romantic, cute, sweet poetic & friendly texts. To send to close friends & loved ones. Send good morning loves sms, love sms jokes, love poems sms, hate u sms to your soul mates. Send these Valentine's sms messages on Valentine's day....
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The Pilingui's House
Europe, Spain
Humor videos frikis...
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Death's Blog
United States, New York
The only official blog of the Grim Reaper himself. Follow Death in his daily activities. ...
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Tragic Comix
United States, Florida
Short comic strips and one panel comics. Random thoughts by the artist. Some mature content. ...
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Altceva Blog
Europe, Romania
Blog cu si despre oamnei , evenimente , clipuri haioase si multe, vedete locale si inetrnationale , opinii si critici, pareri personale...
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Navy Humor
United States, Virginia
Gear Adrift, a Navy satire blog with a bit of realism. Focused on Navy Humor and a few serious things about the Navy....
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South America, Argentina
Tiras cómicas sobre "Esmerado", un niño con demasiadas preguntas, pero ninguna que valga la pena responder......
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Letters Wish I'd Sent
North America, Canada
I won't lie to you. If there is a letter here that is addressed to you, you are a moron....
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Europe, Sweden
a blog about my everyday experinces and thoughts on things that suck.In Swedish!...
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United States, Illinois
Find humurous, informative, and random posts on Learn about yourself while learning about Matt....
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