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Marcuss' Aerospews
Asia, Philippines
Funny office life depicted in comic strips...
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Moron Awards
United States, Maryland
Humor website featuring people doing stupid things. A social commentary on the state of the world and the interweb....
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The Best Of Everything
United States, Wisconsin
Articles about what's the Best in any category you can imagine -- from Best Pizza to Best Number to Best Wahlberg Brother to Best Modest Mouse Song that Correctly Applies a Scientific Principle. Robots, sexy sci-fi alien chicks, celebrities, food -- funny and entertaining and always different!...
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Found Stuff
Europe, UK
a blog of funny pictures, stories, jokes and more......
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Pinoy Funny Pictures Compiled
Asia, Philippines
Get to laugh at our huge collection of funny Pinoy pictures! The site is updated daily....
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Como si no lo supieras
South America, Argentina
Humor politico en Argentina... Toda la realidad... No se salva ninguno. Escrito, editado y llevado adelante por Carlos E. Blanco, ex-Humor y eterno rechazado por Barcelona......
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Smile Please
Asia, Pakistan
Relax your mind and have non stop fun. Enjoy funny pics, jokes and some very interesting stuff....
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Life with Canucklehead
North America, Canada
The blog of Canucklehead.
Slightly more fun than a barrel of well-armed and recently provoked monkeys ......
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Extremely Funny
North America, Canada
ExtremelyFunny is a glimpse into the world with a slightly skewed view on things. You will be able to view stories about current events and celebrities, look at funny and unusual pictures, and have a look at things through a slightly warped mind....
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The World of Nothing
Asia, Philippines
A personal weblog, interesting and entertaining post that is written more on local dialect in Philippines. Dedicated especially to bisaya people.
Jokes, songs, funny stuff and anything under the sun....
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Darwin's Camera
United States, Colorado
Funny picture captions combining social satire, current events and randomly obscure references....
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Blogu cu idei
Europe, Romania
ideile la care te gandesti puse pe un blog...
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Rue The Day Blog
United States, California
The best of the internet and more. Short stories, lol cats, random facts, quotes, silly, fun and all kinds of good stuff....
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Facts About Flat Eric
Europe, Greece
Everyone knows everything about the famous yellow bear, the ex-star of Levis commercial: Flat Eric

Well yeah, you don't know anything!!! This blog will reveal piece-by-piece the whole truth about this yellow fluffy thing!...
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Pictures Haha
Asia, Malaysia
Collections of funny pics & cool wallpapers.....
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