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London Tips, Gossips and Funny Pictures
Europe, UK
Celebrity Gossip, Funny pictures, Rumors site. No way associated to the celebrities in any way. Celebrity gossip blog with the latest entertainment news of your favorite stars and celebrities, funny pictures, jokes and more. Celeb News and Dirt. ...
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Images et Photos Gratuites
Africa, Morocco
Zoduz - Images et Photos Gratuites a Telecharger....
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Rantings of a Customer Service Rep
United States, Wisconsin
When I can't deal with my customer service tech support job, I blog about it. The calls are much funnier looking back on them than they are at the time. I also love to hear others' job rants. Misery loves company....
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El escodijo
Europe, Spain
Blog of Sierra de Segura, Jaén, Siles, Spain, writers, travel, humor, politic and more......
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Miss Welby
Europe, Italy
A blog devoted to poet Piergiorgio Welby - whom I pretend to be the secret little cutie granddaughter -, with odd news and surreal original literature...
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United States, California
Discovering value where you thought there was none, one invaluable purchase at a time. Shopping hazards galore. Boop....
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The Daily Pygmy
United States, New York
The Daily Pygmy is a satirical news blog that covers world news, politics and entertainment as it related to New York-based hotel doorman, Richard Mendocino....
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Coworker Quotes
Europe, UK
A showcase of hilarious extracts lifted from the mouths of colleagues from the farce that is life in the office....
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Phil and Ted Stroller
United States, Massachusetts
Best site to get full review on Phil and Ted stroller....
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Snark on a Stick
United States, Indiana
A snarktastic blog dedicated to revealing the ridiculous and unabashedly making fun of it. ...
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Seriously Fake
Asia, India
Musings of everyday happening in the political, non-political, fashion and glamour industry in India. ...
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Cartoons by Guto Dias
United States, New York
Here you will find my Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, and Children's Illustrations ...

Updates every monday and friday!...
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Weecs - World Wide Interesthings
United States, Florida - World Wide Interesthings is a website with a lot of interesting things. Here you can find out how several things are made, you can find funny pictures and videos, amazing content....
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United States, New York
A 100% anonymous place to share your disastrously funny hookup stories with people who appreciate them....
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Mom and Dem
United States, Texas
Mom and Dem is New Orleans slang for your family. This blog reflects what I learned from living in NOLA, most importantly the culture of celebrating everyday life with the people you love. Seriously, they celebrate births, deaths, Arbor Day, the third Friday of the name it. This is me living the Big Easy way in the Big D....
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