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Best Funny Blog Site | SomeWhereLost
Asia, India
It is a Funny Blog and Website. We share Funny pictures, Funny videos, Jokes and Inspiration Posts everyday. A day is lost if one has not laughed. If you agree this quote, Join with us and share it with your friends....
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My Asteia Status
Europe, Greece
Funny Quotes gathered from all over the web in an entertaining blog...
Read more > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 22-8-2015 funny videos and pictures
United States, Alabama
Curated list of funny content - pictures, videos, demotivational posters and other memes from the Internet....
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Fun Product Of The Day
Europe, UK
Fun Product Of The DayT lists all the fun, odd and weird products.
Every day it features one new fun item along with its review and purchasing details....
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lol he said rofl
Europe, Switzerland
Funny, videos, pictures and jokes gathered in the world wide web....
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Gus Muldoon, Demotivational Speaker
United States, Delaware
You don't need a hug. You need a good swift kick in the behind. It's time for some tough love, Muldoon style....
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The Rubber Monkey
United States, Oregon
The Rubber Monkey celebrates stupidity - government stupidity, corporate stupidity or just plain human stupidity. Come on in and see what the elite today's society are up to....
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Ivo Comic Strips
United States, New York
Blog featuring funny comic strips and cartoons about many subjects, especially the everyday adventures of the couple Ivo and Eva. ...
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Shield For Men Blog
United States, California
We are a modern man's grooming company with a focus on becoming the one-stop location to help discover, learn, and explore topics surrounding modern masculinity....
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Oluvil Campus Blog
Asia, Sri Lanka
Student tips,University information,Humor...
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Humorous Jokes
United States, California
Short humorous jokes and funny quotes in various categories...
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Funny Cute Stuff
United States, Texas
Funny cute animal photos and videos....
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Red Panda and Me
Asia, China
Red Panda and Me is a blog of random posts smushed together to make one big humorous ball of laughs!...
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Epic Fail
United States, New York
Epic Fail is the number 1 site for all epic fail pictures and epic fail videos!
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Triumph of a Man Called Da-da
United States, California
Venture out with a certifiably insane Mr. Mom down the slippery and zeitgeisty razor-edged slope of human parenting vagabondage and SEE a smart and reasonably attractive man with a great memory LOSE all sense of self and become an ugly, fat moron who can't remember a damn thing and purchases an accordion to make matters worse. Ok, well, he wasn't very smart or good looking before, but he DID have a good memory. And at least now he has the accordion. And his sense of humor....
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