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SkyMachine SkyMachine
Africa, Algeria
Every business have its own difficulties, the problem in the past with the email marketing campaigns and like methods has been that people didn’t really understand how to implement it because this is something that has been a little difficult to explain and little bit trickiest because of the patien...
Acne Scar Treatment in Chennai
Africa, Algeria
In the modern era, dealing with acne has been an embarrassing and frustrating process. Most of the time, acne appears and vanishes without long-term effects but some can be persistent leaving residual acne scarring. If you don’t seek medical attention, it can affect your appearance, self-confidence and can often be untreatable. Acne scars come in various types affecting both your face and body. The modality of acne scar treatment in Chennai should be tailored to match different types of scars an...
Coolsculpting in Chennai
Africa, Algeria
Coolsculpting in Chennai? Chennai Vs cool? Yes! Coolsculpting, a cool solution, the more natural solution. Certain procedures that use sonic waves, laser, and some surgical methods to remove fat can indeed destroy other tissue by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells in the treatment process. This requires downtime for your body to heal completely and is totally uncool. CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, extract or shatter any cells.

Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA...
Field service scheduling and dispatch software- FSM Grid
Africa, Algeria
Intelligent scheduling and dispatching
The software schedules the correct field agents by considering different parameters including the availability, location, skill, certification, and parts availability to ensure the job gets completed on the first visit. It also gives technicians the option of signing up for their appointments. Technicians will only see the jobs that are available and appropriate for them once there are rules set.

FSM Grid supports bulk scheduling technicians...
Skin Whitening treatment - a procedure for a lighter and even toned skin
Africa, Algeria
QT5 Glenys is the top most renowned skin and hair care place for women in Coimbatore. Amongst the various premium services offered Skin Whitening is a treatment that is used to rejuvenate your skin. Skin whitening which is also known as skin lightening or skin bleaching treatment that refers to the practice of various treatments to lighten your skin and provide an even tone by effectively reducing the melanin concentration in the skin....
Eliezer Facility
Africa, Algeria
Eliezer facility management company performs and manages a wide range of facilities management services. Our complete range of services gives clients a one-stop solution for all their facilities’ needs. Eliezer has been at the forefront of facilities management partnership in Africa bringing the best-value, total project ownership approach that has yielded positive results for our clients. With more than 500 employees providing facility management around Africa, Eliezer is committed to providing...
inner9ja Latest Entertainment, News, War, Function
Africa, Algeria
Inner9ja is a platform offering the Latest Entertainment, Football Highlights, News, High,School, War,Benefit, Function...
For Free music And Movie Download
Africa, Algeria
Litemusics is the best place for Nigerian Music Download & Nigerian Songs and Foreign Music Download, Hip Hop Songs, Latest Movie...
Window Films in Abuja
Africa, Algeria
Madico® Commercial Window Tints for your solar heat issues.
Solar window films are available is different shades and even colors to suite your ever increasing taste and demand for window films. Solar window films with their solar heat rejection, UV and Infra-red rejection properties without hindrance to your visibility are appreciated and demanded in modern day buildings with huge sun roofs and, open terraces and sky roofs and balconies. These modern day buildings have to be energy efficien...
Africa, Algeria
Kenz Advertising 360 digital marketing agency in Pakistan, based in Lahore offering professional SEO, Web development, Digital PR and SMM services....
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