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No Pre-Print Checking:
This is pretty much a cardinal sin in the world of art book printing. Itís fairly common knowledge that the colors that you see on the screen arenít what youíll get on paper, so not going through a few runs of sample prints to calibrate color can completely mess up the finished product. The last thing you want to see are colors that arenít accurate, it completely ruins the entire art book.

Using Regular Materials:
Art books have to not only look and feel premium but also last for a really long time. Theyíre not meant to be disposable, so donít compromise on a single material that goes into it. The paper, cover, ink, and finishing have to be of top-notch quality, not something thatís used in flyers and brochures.

Sub-Par Quality Finishing:
After going for the highest quality materials, itís a travesty to opt for regular quality finishing. Even if the main content looks perfect, a sub-par quality lamination, binding or finish can turn all of that redundant, so make sure that the finishing is worthy of all the effort put into the printed material.

No Quality Check:
Even after you make sure that the printing company is accurate by checking print samples, the finished product has to be thoroughly inspected in and out, piece by piece. Art books that are going to art galleries, museums, or similar institutions have to be doubly checked so that there are no problems. Even if the main printed material is fine, thereís a chance that the finishing has caused issues, and this should be inspected before final delivery.

Not Accounting for Longevity and Use:
Finally, you need to make sure that the binding and packing of the entire art book is absolutely not compromised, because, unlike other books, art books are meant to last for a long, long time. You canít afford to have pages falling off or fading even after repeated use, so the binding technique and quality should be chosen keeping longevity in mind.



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