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Information, education, solution, experience and learning. is where students of all ages and levels seek help. Fatherprada believes in providing students with answers and ensuring that they succeed in their quest for knowledge.
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Field service scheduling and dispatch software- FSM Grid
Intelligent scheduling and dispatching
The software schedules the correct field agents by considering different parameters including the availability, location, skill, certification, and parts availability to ensure the job gets completed on the first visit. It also gives technicians the option of signing up for their appointments. Technicians will only see the jobs that are available and appropriate for them once there are rules set.

FSM Grid supports bulk scheduling technicians...
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Pet Naija
No 1 Pet Shop in Nigeria with Quality Products for your Pets. Contact us to place an order....
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Some Must-Visit Places in Tanzania
Sometimes destruction plays a vital role in the creation of beauty. Tanzania is a brilliant example of it. The country is the pride of Africa and the land of volcanoes, some active, some sleeping, and some entirely dead. The crater has proved to be a boon to the country giving space to wildlife, nature, and in turn tourism. Though when you explore it you won’t get a feeling that you are standing at a place where millions of years ago stood a volcano. This fact is proven by archeologists of the c...
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Nigeria Online Guide - Critical Info
Critical Info Tech is Nigeria's Online Guide for all tech products (smartphones and laptops), health care products, business reviews e.t.c.....
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News Centric
News Centric Is A Nigerian News Aggregator Website That Curate News Headline From Top Sources Like Punch, Vanguard, Daily Post, Premium Times And Many More....
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Delicious Food Items and Restaurants in Cameroon
A foodie always looks for new places and for new delicacies. Every place has their own speciality in food items and mostly that attracts others to visit the place. Cameroon is a place especially known for its wildlife and beaches but have you heard of their food items?

Cameroon has attracted tourists from all over the world and the reason is obviously nature so here we want to give another reason to visit Cameroon. Especially for the people who are foodies, this blog will definitely ...
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Every business have its own difficulties, the problem in the past with the email marketing campaigns and like methods has been that people didn’t really understand how to implement it because this is something that has been a little difficult to explain and little bit trickiest because of the patient attach to it.

Did you know been an email campaigns marketer is very useful tools in the industry of Internet marketing. These campaigns may involve sending time to time periodic e-newsl...
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3 Things That You Might Not Have Heard About Cameroon
Since everything is available online, it has become very easy to decide a location for your trips and tours even if it is international. In this, we are going to explore a country that is well-known as the sixth wettest place on the earth, Cameroon. Cameroon is the centre of the Africa continent. And when it comes to travel to Africa, Cameroon is one of the most favourite places for tourists to explore nature. Cameroon is surrounded by six boundaries which are found in western Africa. Cameroon’s...
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Enjoy Top Three Festivals Of Nigeria With Cars in Africa
Among many other factors, festivals are one of the most important building blocks of a community. Community literally means “a group of people sharing the same or common interest”. That’s why you must have observed festivals are not discussed as per individual but as per community. Though in today’s time, it is also taken as a time of celebration and enjoyment, due to which people of one community also like to enjoy the festival of other communities. Up to a certain level, this involvement is be...
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