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What is Android, you probably do not have to ask. Android Phone is available at home in India today. Android has become a very important Mobile Platform in the world by making itself better in a very short time. By the way, many people are aware of what is Android . what are its fates, but there are many people who are brand new in the world of Android and who have any information about it not there. In this case, this article will be very fable for those people, as well as those who have a lot of information; they will also learn something new.
If so, many of us use Smartphone’s, but they do not know whether their mobile phone is Android or Windows or iOS. There is nothing to be bad about in it because everyone works in different fields, if a teacher tells him to cut wood, maybe he cannot do it, just as a teacher, he cannot do it to teach. . Similarly, not all people have so much information about Mobiles or Computers, mobile or internet and we will help you with this Somewhat successful.
In view of that very important purpose, today you will be giving full information about what the people is Android Operating System, so that next time you ask for any other information related to Android phones or android, you can also answer it. May be. Because I believe that if you do not know any information then there is no wrong thing in it but if you do not want to know something new then it is very wrong.

What is Android
Android is not a phone and there is no application, it's an operating system based on linux kernel. If I can say it in simple language, Linux is an operating system that is mainly used in server and desktop computer. Android is just a version of Linux which has been created after a lot of modification. Yes but it is related.
Android is an operating system that was designed keeping mobile in view. So that all the functions and applications of the phone can be run easily. Whatever you see in the display of the phone, it is only part of all operating systems. Whenever you get any call, text message or email, your OS processes it and launches it in a readable format.
Android OS has been divide into a lot of versions and according to features, operation, stability of different numbers provided. So if you've ever heard a name such as Android Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat then you should tell that these are different versions of all Android OS or Operating System.

History of Android Inc.
Android Inc. The original creators of Andy Rubin, whom Google bought in 2005, and after that he was made the head of Android Development. Google bought Android because they thought that Android is a very new and interesting concept, with the help of which they can create a powerful but free operating system and which proved to be true later. With the help of Android, Google got a good access to the younger audience and with this; Google's very good employees joined Google.



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