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If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system, one of the first questions to pop up in your mind would be how long will it take from signing the deal to handover. Not one but a series of aspects together contribute to determining the timeline. Letís learn about all those in this post and an approximate time frame for a solar panel installation process.
What impacts the solar panel installation duration?
As the installation of a PV system is a handful task, it may require a few weeks or one or two months from the decision making to completion. The following five primary pointers constitute the timeline by which your solar system will be up and running.
1. Size and the type of solar system youíve opted for
2. Unique property conditions
3. Your solar company that will do the job
4. Local permissions and property inspection process
5. Your utility company and interconnection
Your solar company that will do the job:
After the documentation /contract signing, the solar installer company notifies you of the actual installation schedule. The duration changes from one company to another. Some solar providers work with a sizable crew strength, which enables them to appoint and finish the installation as early as possible. Even so, an intense workload can still affect this duration for such companies.
If you want the work done at the earliest for some genuine reasons like expiring tax credits, you can discuss with the company for some workaround. Thus, carefully selecting a solar installer becomes crucial.
Inspection and local permission:
Before installation, your solar company needs to find permission from the local government about the said work to carry out at your property. These permits may change as per the location. However, commonly, they include a PV (Photovoltaic) specific permit, an electrical permit Ė general one and/or a construction permit. Moreover, the area, several permissions and ongoing schedules of the permitting office influence this processing time. The time frame may vary from a week to a month.
Once installation finishes, the local government sends an official to inspect the PV system to examine whether it meets all the standards or not. The inspection takes place within a week from the request submission, depending on the staff availability in offices and your locality.
Size and the type of solar system:
If your solar system is 6 to 7kW with roof mount plan, it isnít a time-consuming task. If the roof is sturdy to carry solar modules and thereís enough space, the solar system gets installed in a day or two. On the contrary, if ground-mount solar is what you are opting for, the timeline may be longer for such installation. The installer will trench the land to run wiring from the panels to the house/property it potentially ads up the installation time.
Unique property conditions:
Each property-specific characteristics are unique. In the solar panel installation context, itís the roofing and electrical system matter the most. Generally, homes are ready for a rooftop system. However, solar installers make sure whether it will withstand the solar panel arrayís weight. If it doesnít, they can think about some reinforcements. If your roof is wearing out, replacing it is what works best. The electrical panel gets upgraded if at all needed. So, in your case, if an upgrade is inevitable, it will extend the solar installation duration. However, it can go parallel with permits work.
Your utility company and interconnection
If you go for a grid-connected solar system, there are some additional formalities to look after. The solar installer will need to file an application letting them know that they are installing a solar system that gets connected to the grid. Once the application is processed, and the PV system installation is over, your grid company representative will inspect the system to approve it for the interconnection to the grid. It involves installing a net meter that allows you to earn credits on the amount of energy your solar system feeds to the grid.
All these factors outline the installation time of your solar system from the start to the very end.
Welcome home solar with Vista Electrical Controls
Itís advisable to work with qualified, experienced solar installers to make this process smooth. Vista Electrical Controls is Perthís leading solar retailer with a skilled team and expertise at hand. VEC educates their customers about all the aspects of solar system installation, their property condition and the most suitable solutions before beginning the installation.
VEC makes sure that customers are well aware of everything that happens during assigned work and tries to make it hassle-free as possible. The company even takes care of the paperwork so that you have peace of mind. VEC even provide priority installation to you if it by all means feasible.



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