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A success story of a start-up that developed an ingenious and futuristic E-Rickshaw
And made impossible possible.
In 2018 a budding product development & 3D printing start up named VEXMA Technologies eagerly waiting for opportunities to set their foot print in Automotive product development industry.
A segment next to the medical industry in terms of investment’s, innovations, with larger corporations spending billions in R&D with a mantra to change the world with Electric vehicles. Almost all the experienced veterans from largest organizations are flooding the market with start-ups registering every day and more than 1600 patents being filed every week. It was next to impossible for organizations like VEXMA Technologies to have a standing chance.
During that time, a French auto maker VALEO Powertrain systems approached VEXMA Technologies to develop a European style E-rickshaw to show case their newly built power train. For them it was one of the projects within their vast R&D, but for Vexma it was too good to be true.
An opportunity to design & develop a vehicle from scratch and that to with a futuristic styling, aesthetics and ergonomics in to the consideration. Not only aesthetics but the HMI dashboard & the lighting system, everything had to be developed from scratch.
VEXMA Technologies being a start-up was not ready to take up the size of this project at the time, but they knew only few gets to ride this opportunity.
So VEXMA Technologies took it as a challenge.
As they believed “if you have the will and determination to do something you can achieve anything”. They promised VALEO that they will deliver vehicle not only with a futuristic outlook but a functional prototype that can create a synergy between styling and performance. A big thanks to VALEO that they gave their full support throughout the project tenure.
VEXMA started its process towards excellence. Their motto for this project is simple deliver a vehicle that had an “AWE” Factor combined with performance. They started with setting up a cross functional team and brainstormed the criticalities of the project before making a RASIC-chart.
The budget of the project was a fraction of what other Automakers spend to develop a project of this size. Vexma at that time did not have a state of art assembly facility nor a testing facility. They did not have a styling studio or a team that can design exterior or interior trims. The only feedback they received from Valeo was through Mr. Nelson Bechara who supported Vexma throughout the product development journey.
Finally, something clicked with VALEO and approved VEXMA conceptual 3D Model. The question was then how to manufacture the vehicle without expensive tooling in a very short lead time.
Such situation provoked VEXMA Technologies to think out of the BOX. Their strategy was simple if you can’t do it find someone who can. Thanks to its continual support of partners, suppliers and in-house Industrial grade 3D printers with a dedicated R&D Team specialized in electronics and embedded systems, Vexma ended up with a functional working EV-prototype.
Most of the parts were 3D printed, FRP moulded and assembled in their workshop. Aesthetics and comfort for the cabin were customized to generate an intuitive experience of the vehicle. The Panoramic roof and removable doors were few of the unique, yet ultramodern features added to the style of the vehicle to deliver an electric e-rickshaw that was one of a kind.
With the team that never gave up, the constant support from suppliers and backing from our client, we made impossible possible in a limited time frame.
VEXMA Technologies successfully delivered this project to VALEO for further testing and analysis.
We are looking forward to having such challenging projects like these from all over the world to show the best of our capabilities.



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