Sports is and always will be an integral part of all spheres ">
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The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose." – Ernie Banks.
Sports is and always will be an integral part of all spheres of life. But today, with the emergence of technology and lack of playgrounds, outdoor games started gradually banishing. Lack of knowledge about nearby game courts and non-availability of co-players are the two important reasons for holding back players from exploring the sportsman within themselves.
Solutions to these problems can be easily solved with upUPUP - sports booking app. upUPUP is an online sports booking app specializing in keeping the sports spirit high within all age groups by providing users valuable services. Emcy Joseph, an Indian filmmaker, initiated upUPUP - sports app with his teammates in Kochi.
upUPUP - sports booking app helps users:
• Find sports venues in their city - Users can explore sports venues according to their location to book a game of their choice.
• Find co-players - Users can be accompanied by co-players who can be chosen using the app.
• Book play court at their convenience - Users can book an entire play court for a time duration.
• Pay for a game - Users can book a game for affordable prices.

upUPUP - sports booking app collaborates with approximately 500 playgrounds across Kerala that offer a wide variety of 63 different types of sports for their users.
upUPUP - sports booking app provides sports-related services and encourages socializing with co-players with similar sports tastes and likings. Users can rate the sports venues using upUPUP - sports booking app.
With the decline in outdoor activities, apps like upUPUP encourage young children and adults to take outdoor sports seriously by guiding them in the right way.



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