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Universal Service Agency
The Universal Service Agency is a cleaning company of water tank and underground chambers. The company cleans most of the impurities like sand, plants, rust, germs, organic which found settle down below of water tanks below outlet. Due to this impurities caused high risk of health issues. It is very dangerous to health. Hence the company provides cleaning services to the customer. The Universal Service Agency is located at Chhatrapati Nagar, Ring Road Chhatrapati Chowk, Nagpur. The company famous to provide pest control services in Nagpur. We also provides cleaning services like M.B.R./ H.T. , container fumigation, wooden pallet fumigation and pest control treatment. MBR is considered an ozone depleting substance and its use in Australia is being restricted more and more to comply with the Montreal Protocol. MBR is a highly penetrative chemical that is highly toxic to a broad spectrum of insects and pests and is very effective in killing insect eggs. Hence the fumigation with Methyl Bromide is important technique to kill the eggs of insects. Container fumigation is the treatment of the container to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state. The fumigation of container is very important process to vanish the risk of health issues. We provide ship fumigation service which required when importing and exporting goods from one country to another country or state. Fumigation is a pesticide treatment using poisonous gases to kill pests and insects within wood. Solid timber and logs probably have harmful living pests and insects inside. These pests (wood borers, dry wood termites etc.) are harmful and will damage plants or ecosystems in importing countries. Itís necessary for importing countries to stop the invasion of these harmful pests and insects. The fumigation is the process to kill the pests or insects inside wood. The number of advantages of fumigation of the wooden pallets have made it the preferred choice for several intentions like moving goods or commodities from one place to another place as well as to prevent damage to the brittle items. According to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), fumigation is an accepted treatment for wooden materials. The Universal Service Agency provides pest control treatment service to resolve the all pest problems. The pest control is the process of managing the species which defined as pests that impact on human activities. The pest control treatment is used to prevent commercial and residential properties from pest or insects. The pest control heat treatment is a groundbreaking pest control technique that is ecologically friendly. This technique uses heat to eliminate insects from residential or commercial properties rather than any kind of harmful chemicals. This technique also safe and harmless by using for prevents properties from any damage.



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