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With the Covid pandemic just settling down, and schools opening, it can be a daunting experience. You would have hardly had the time to catch up and you must still be settling down to a normal routine. As a parent, one of the biggest challenges that you are facing right now is how to let your kid be safe during this pandemic. With the back-to-school season looming, you will be facing a new, stressful question: is it safe to send your kid back to school. Here are some tips to settle into Schools in Anna Nagar. Reinforce everyday precautions: You know all the signs of symptoms of COVID-19 as well as what to do if your kid falls sick. For all the efforts, you will probably also caught your kid standing way too close to others, leaving his/her mask in the car or at home, forgetting to wash his/their hands after touching all common surfaces. As you prepare your kid back to the classroom at Top schools in Chennai, make sure you reinforce everyday COVID-19 precautions he/she will need to keep in mind. • Social distancing: Remind your kids not to share food, drinks, or anything with their friends as it is just not safe. Reducing close contact between people helps limit his/her risk of getting sick via infectious respiratory droplets a person with COVID-19 releases nearby. • Wearing a mask: It can help contact potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released when talking, coughing, breathing, etc. especially when social distancing is more challenged or if the person does not know if they are sick yet. • Washing hands: It also limits the risk of getting sick by touching any contaminated surface and then spreading the virus to the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. when you touch your face. Know and understand what safety measures are being implemented in Greenfield International School. No matter what precautions you take in your home, once they come to school and a gathering of kids is there, it comes with a certain level of risk. Once the other hand, experts believe that children learn best when they are in a classroom. Given the importance of classroom learning, we ensure that we keep kids as safe as possible during this pandemic. We are following guidelines by the health ministry to keep them safe whilst implementing every plan and measure that is needed to keep your child safe at schools in Anna Nagar. • We have made changes to classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias, and buses to ensure social distancing. • A universal masking policy for all staff and children • Hand-washing opportunities are frequent with a hand sanitizer readily available. • Use of shared equipment’s being minimized • Cleaning services are more increased and high-touch surfaces are disinfected. • Minimal contact sports and other activities. Listen to your child’s concerns Also as a parent, you play an incredible role as not only a trusted source of information but also as a confidante. It is important that your child feels comfortable in expressing any concerns that they may have after returning from school. Whether your child is concerned about wearing a mask all day long or about any confirmed cases in school, make sure you listen intently, empathizing often, and helping your child to cope up with his/her feelings in a reassuring manner. We at Greenfield Chennai International School (GCIS), Madhavaram, are dedicated to offering children a joyous learning experience in an ambiance that promotes creativity, imagination, and original thinking. The 5-acre campus is the only educational institution in North Chennai to adhere to all standards set by authoritative bodies and houses the best infrastructure and amenities.



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