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Helmet is the most important accessory for a bicycle rider. Several studies have proved that bicycle helmets reduce head injury to bicyclists. Still, many riders take a chance and ride without a helmet. “Uncomfortable”, “ugly”, “useless” are some of the common reasons given for not wearing a helmet. Some riders believe helmets mess with their hair and cause hair loss.
While it is universally agreed upon that motorcyclists should wear helmets, bicycle helmets is still a hotly debated topic.
I sometimes wonder if bicycle helmets became mandatory would people stop riding bicycles.
I agree that the danger of bicycling without a helmet greatly depends on which city you are in and at what speed you are riding. But then “danger” never announces before striking.
If wearing a bicycle helmet means increasing safety, why not wear it? Remember, helmets, whether for motorcyclists or bicyclists, are designed to protect the wearer.

Reasons to wear a bicycle helmet

1 - The foremost is, to protect your head and face.

2 - Bicycle helmets keep your hair warm in winters and dry in rains and protect you from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

3 - Bicycle helmets make you visible on the road, thereby increasing safety. Four-wheel drivers may be able to see you during the day, but you’ll become almost invisible to them at night. Built-in reflectors in some bicycle helmets help four-wheel drivers see you from a distance.

4 - Helmets prevent sweat from rolling down your face and hands, keeping your vision and grip on the bicycle handlebar intact.



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