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Buying a toner cartridge for your printer should be as simple as getting into your local printer supplies shop and picking a relevant cartridge. As we all know that the “smart life” has made almost every process paperless, but printers still have prominence, especially in office setups. The market for printer cartridges is vast and varied, here are some of the basics things that are listed below that one should know before you head out to buy ink or cartridges:-
• What Model?:- This should be the first consideration while picking up a toner. There are a variety of brands and types that are available in the market. One can easily make use of the manufacturer’s part number that is marked on the printer cartridges to order exactly the same toner as the cartridge whether online or when ordering by phone.
• Types of Colors Used in Toners:- It is commonly known by all that the Black and White printer usually works on a single color i.e. Black only. Whereas in color laser printers, you can work on four-color formats i.e CMYK. Here, K represents Black, C is for Cyan (blue), Mas Magenta, and yellow is denoted by Y. Ahan! One can easily and beautifully create different combinations of these colors to create wonderful graphics and images.

• Page Yield:- One of the most important considerations that one should keep in mind is the maximum of pages printed by a particular toner cartridge. Check out the product codes that are always used by the high yield printers. Alternatively, page yield is calculated by assuming a standard of 5% coverage per page - approximately two paragraphs of text per page.
• Toner Replacement:- Always keep in mind about Toner replacement! The toner always demands immediate replacement when it gets over. Laser printers always make use of an indicator that depicts the low level of ink. Installing drivers on the system leads to the notification for all toner levels. But remember, every printer uses different parameters for the filling. So, till your printer begins producing black pages, never 100% rely on the notification. Yes, you can make its cartridge replacement ready.
• Smudging- Common Issue:- Smudging is a common issue that means when your printer starts delivering dirt on printouts. Such a situation arises when the waste toner container is full or sometimes when the drum is not really clean even due to automatic cleaning after the printing process. These can lead to worn or faulty drum wiper blades. One of the other reasons is that when the printing elements are not properly inserted into the printer like paper. These all reasons are very simple and one can easily take the desired action against them.

I hope, the above information helps you to know the interesting facts about toner cartridges. This will help in saving the environment!



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