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Avail SS Slitting Machine at Nirmal Texim Private Limited

Nirmal Texim Private Limited slitting lines unwind the coils, slit the coils into strips by circular cutters positioned at certain intervals and rewind these strips. Ss Slitting Line is designed to provide the best slot width tolerance and finest cut for cold and hot rolled carbon steel, galvanizing, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and different special alloy steel coils of different widths and weights between 0.3 mm and 10 mm thick.
The economical slitting line is mainly used for slitting coils such as tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, strip aluminum, steel strip, etc. It involves cutting the metal coil into strips of different required widths and then collecting the strip into small coils for the next process. It is necessary equipment for precision cutting of transformer, automotive industry and other metal strips.
This economical slitting line adopts continuous production technology. The device incorporates advanced digital control technology and hydraulic integration. It is made of high quality stainless steel with good strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Moreover, our economical slitting line features advanced design concept, reasonable molding process, wide versatility, high strength, high performance and stable cold bending forming. It is also durable, can give long service life with stable working performance.
Classification of Stainless Steel Slitting Machine
1. Small stainless steel slitting machine (it can be divided into manual steel slitter and semi-automatic steel slitter)
The small steel cutter is the most ideal and convenient sawmill for cutting metal profiles. It has a wide cutting range, small volume, convenient operation, low noise, no dust, no burr inside and outside the incision, and various angle characteristics. The structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is low, so the price is much cheaper than others.
Automatic Ss Slitting Machine
The automatic steel cutting machine has three advantages: 1) it can set 5 different cutting lengths and numbers at the same time without discontinuous cutting; 2) the cutting length error is in the range of plus or minus 0.1; 3) PLC touch screen control, low-speed rotating high-speed hacksaw blades are suitable for cutting various metal pipes without burrs.
The automatic steel cutting machine is the most widely used cutting equipment for all kinds of stainless steel pipes and metal pipes. It can be divided into hydraulic steel slitting machine and servo steel slitting machine, which is high precision automatic profile cutting machine.
A wide selection of Ss Cut to Length Line is available, depending on the thickness of the sheet metal, to meet our customers' requirements. By offering a quality selection, we promise to deliver the best solutions for the customer's needs. Contact us to get the best quality Ss Cut to Length Machine.
By investing in the machine, you get a custom designed and engineered machine to meet your needs. All our machines are designed and engineered for durability and productivity. They guarantee finished products without compromise. The machine enables your business to make profit. Our designs are essential to this goal. Call us or send us an email! Nirmal Texim Private Limited, which integrates research and development, production, sales and technical service, and provides customers with suitable slitting machines using different cutting materials Welcome your visit.



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