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Fitness has become a personal race today where goals vary from image to health inspired. To cater to the needs of millions of people today, our markets have been stocked with various types of home workout equipment. Weight loss has become a leading sector of our markets today of which exercise machines are a major part. With the awareness of obesity hazards and the mania of weight loss on the rise, exercise equipment market has flourished.
With the invention of diet pills and supplements, the usage of most of the exercise equipment had seen a downfall. Due to side effects on the rise many, people resorted to the age old technique of using exercise equipment to loose weight. Most of the equipment available today is easy to use. Some are compact and the others may be bulky depending upon the place for use. For example compact exercise equipment is ideal for a home gym system. Most of the equipment in home gyms, apart from being compact, also helps provide the exerciser to do a number of exercises with just the adjustment of a few levers and bars. On the other hand, exercise equipment at gyms mostly caters to provide the exerciser with just a single exercise. This is essential because as there are many users at a public gym, one cannot be asked to spend time changing bars and handles for different users.
Though home exercise machines do not appeal to athletes and body builders, who claim that results are never the same, it has indeed found a place in the socio-economic class of people. As they cannot afford to lose time moving from one place to another for gym, home exercise equipment has proved to be ideal for them.
Different equipment is available in the market today varying from price to use.
In order to shed a few pounds, one must be familiar with many types of equipment available. Based on the exercise provided, fitness equipment can be categorized in to two: strength training and cardio. Cardio equipment focuses on burning fat and making heart healthy by increasing heart rate. Tread mills, stationary bikes, stair climbers and elliptical trainers are some of the cardio exercise equipment. Strength training exercise equipment is more varied. Weight machines and balancing or resistance equipment fall under this category. It is essential to weight train as it helps builds muscles and maintain the results of cardio exercise. Hence a balance should be created between cardio and strength training for a perfect exercise.



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