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Salons in non wedding season hardly cover their expenses, so what do you think can be done.
By the end of your reading session you will for sure have 3 concrete ways to deal with down season, and also come into action from tomorrow itself.

1) Work for Pre-Bookings:
When the client has come to you to take one service try to inform him about the other offers or packages that you have to offer and make it a point to confirm it during their first visit only. You can give her some discounts may be saying that she gets a 30% discount in case she confirms the appointment today. Chemical services are expensive and hardly ever on discount, making offers in the down season on these services in particular is a win-win situation.

2) Be present at the right place and right time:
Obviously you know the power of being a brand. Say you offer a service at Rs. 1,500 but the Head Master's salon just adjoining your is offering the same service at Rs. 3,000 yet 70% of elite clients prefer to go there, reason BRAND NAME.
So, what is the solution? Be active in events of beauty, attend beauty summits this gives you expose not only for self growth but your competitors and potential customers also get aware about you presence.

3) Digital Marketing:
Work on Digital marketing tools, slow days are the best time to invest in platforms where you hardly get time otherwise. Putting efforts now have a higher chance to show result during the time of action. SEO and marketing help you generate leads through your website and social media platforms.
Let me just simplify the whole thing for you guys here.

SEO and SMO these terms might sound a little technical but in a layman's language, when your "future customer" types "Salon Near Me" it should be your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn Id, Instagram account, Twitter feed that comes on the top. For that you need to hire a professional agency who exactly know how to do it, leaving you enough room to enhance your creativity and develop your business.



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