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Whether you are a student, a parent, or a visitor, you are sure to enjoy your time at the Lower Mississippi River Museum in Vicksburg

Museum Exhibits

Discover the wonders of life along the Mississippi River! There have been a variety of uses of the river throughout history, from farming communities to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Learn how they have all benefited from it.

With the Mississippi Trail Interactive, you can choose the route you want to take along the river. Here is a story about the flood of 1927 from the point of view of a family who lived through it. The 1,515-gallon aquarium houses some of the river's fish so you can see them up close.

Mississippi River Flood Model

As the third largest rivers watershed in the world, the Mississippi River watershed is home to over 500 million people. The Mighty Mississippi River is recreated in a scaled model that can be viewed outdoors.

Visitors are able to see how the flooding of a river can be influenced by different factors by using this flood model. Additionally, visitors to Vicksburg will be able to get a sense of the names of some of the landmarks in the area.

M/V Mississippi IV

Get a taste of life aboard the M/V Mississippi IV by visiting it and experiencing life on board. The Mississippi River Commission adopted her as a flagship and a workboat for the Mississippi River Commission, which made her unique among USACE vessels.

As near as possible all of the vessels have been staged and can be explored to the fullest extent possible. There are a variety of themed tours available on the vessel that you can take on a self-guided basis.

The Lower Mississippi River Museum exhibits a wide variety of artifacts

Orientation Theater

There is a centuries-long narrative that begins with the "Orientation Theater," where visitors will learn about the role of the Corps of Engineers, disasters, wars, revolutions, and revolutions in shaping the Mississippi River experience and spirit over the past centuries.
There is a comfortable seating capacity of 50 in the orientation Theater, and this is a perfect way to start your museum tour by getting the lay of the land. There is a Theater with seating, a large screen for presentations, a projector with surround sound, and a projector that is capable of projecting PowerPoint presentations.

Steamboat Era & River as a Highway

As the MS River Valley developed throughout the 1800s, steamboats played a major role in the development of the valley as a whole.
Consequently, it made it possible for the shipping of large quantities of supplies and people along the Mississippi River to be carried out easily, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of vessels on the river.

Throughout the museum, there are a number of displays that are extremely detailed and amazing. It is even possible to go back in time and see exhibitions accompanied by discussion panels that go back to the time when Native Americans used dugout canoes and flatboats as a means of transportation on the river. It is located within the museum's "River as a Highway" area, which is a section dedicated to this area.

The River as a Home

The wall mural shows an older picture of Vicksburg along the Mississippi River and this exhibit illustrates the way in which the city has benefited from its proximity to the river throughout history by illustrating the importance of the river to the city. People of many different cultures have called this place 'home' over the years, and the stories they have told about it are all very similar.

As a result of the river, there have been countless benefits to the community, including transportation, trade, recreational opportunities, and the creation of agricultural land. In addition, the museum also contains a timeline of the beginnings of Vicksburg, as well as a timeline of significant events that have occurred during the period up until the museum's opening date.



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