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As soon as an NC Expungement has been granted North Carolina law states that you do not have to say you were ever arrested, charged or stood trial for the Expunged offense. Read this very closely! Under North Carolina Law: “no person as to whom such an order has been entered… shall be held thereafter under any provision of any law to be guilty of perjury, or to be guilty of otherwise giving a false statement or response to any inquiry made for any purpose, by reason of the person's failure to recite or acknowledge any expunged entries concerning apprehension, charge, or trial.”
After gathering preliminary information the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel will ensure that your NC expungement law is filed with the court and proceeds pursuant to the statutory provisions of North Carolina law. This process requires that your expunction be approved by a number of officials including a judge, district attorney, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, and the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. Since an expungement requires the coordination of so many different parties, it is often a lengthy process and could require several months to complete. Our law firm will do everything possible to make sure your expungement proceeds as quickly as possible.



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