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Railroads should be strong enough to load the trains running through it every time. As per serve, there are more than 19 passenger trains that meet the Chennai Central Railway Station, and more than 200 mail trains visit the station every day. The railroad should be perfect to load all of this.
Mostly the railways are made up of steel that contains 0.7-0.8% of carbon and 0.8-1% of magnesium. Though the steel types may vary for some railway tracks, this type of steel (Grade 880 rail) is the perfect steel type for a long-term corrosion less life.

Why are Train Tracks getting Corrosion?
There are many reasons for the railway corrosion, but the most common cause for it is Atmospheric Corrosion.
The moisture content in the atmosphere and the regular drying is the reason behind atmospheric corrosion. High-Quality Steel Suppliers in Chennai offers the best steel type (1% magnesium) for rails.

Does A Quality Steel in Railway Tracks Stops Corrosion?
No, The train tracks will anyway get struck by the Atmospheric corrosion, but other corrosion causes such as Localized corrosion and other normal corrosions can be minimized by quality steel.
Localized corrosion is nothing but the corrosion that causes it in-between the liner and the rail foot (inside the train) by the leakage of current in the electric field tracks.
And another corrosion is due to the toilets in the trains, which is right above the railroads. This two types of corrosion can be helpful to decrease a lot from a quality steel grade (Steel 880 rail or 90 UTS rail)
By using low carbon Mild Steel, we can see the reduction of Atmospheric corrosion.
As per the data analysis, only 37% of trains are replaced due to corrosion before the estimated lifetime. This is the main reason that MS steel suppliers in chennai are in huge demand for supplying railway tracks.

The Train track should be made of steel that has high heat treatment. High heat treatment can last for longer, and basically, it does not get cracked soon.
A train track should at least last for 10 years, and technically speaking, the aim is 5-100 years. Though the technicians know this may fail, the rail tracks differ in loading the trains, some train tracks may load more than 100 trains a day, and some may not be as busy as Central Station.



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