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We at Rahul Hair stylist Academy, have always strived to provide our clients with the Best of Services at the most affordable prices. Our courses have been designed based on the prevailing industry trends; and thus we provide the best courses for carving out the best make-up artists and hair stylists in New Delhi.
Primarily skill based, which also needs to constantly update itself to stay in line with trends, such is the nature of the beauty and wellness industry. What better way to get better at what you do, than a focused approach to building your skill set and experience? And what better way to get a great foundation to build this upon, than getting professional coaching from some of the most senior people in their respective fields?
At the Rahul Hair Stylist Academy, we help you hone your skills and polish your talent. We offer courses in hair and makeup.
Our fundamental belief has always been that everyone has a gift, and a duty to recognise this in themselves and others. We practice this everyday by creating systems and services that help employees, customers and students alike to be, look and feel at their confident best.The values we live by are: Fairness, Ownership, Respect, Empathy, Nurture, Relationship, Integrity, Co-operation, Honesty. Our hiring process checks the resonance of these values with the candidate, so that there is a good fit between the person and the organization. We also encourage team members to practice these values in their daily personal and professional lives, and recognize value ambassadors.



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