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Want to protect your camera and other important equipment? Use Pelican Cases found at and you'll be able to do so, especially with Pelican's 100% Lifetime Guarantee! Pelican Products™ is the leader in the hard case industry. They have won numerous awards for manufacturing the toughest watertight protector cases on the planet –especially when it comes to waterproof cases─as well as the world’s most technically advanced lighting instruments. The highly-durable, incredibly light structural foam resin shell is dent-proof, shock-proof, scratch-proof and corrosion resistant. Even a block of C4 couldn’t destroy a Pelican Case! Their wide range of sizes offers endless opportunities for the storage, protection, and organization of all kinds of equipment—from the smallest PDA’s and personal gadgets to laptops, sensitive electronic instruments, weapons systems, and larger electronic and industrial devices. All cases are available empty or foam filled with pick-n-pluck foam! In addition, all Pelican cases are thoroughly protected by Pelican’s legendary lifetime guarantee! Any Pelican case can be customized with a custom foam interior. Please contact us for a quote or any questions regarding a custom Pelican Case.

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Date Added : 26-8-2010