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The business of online holiday booking and hotel dealing website in striving towards advancement of affordable hotel booking websites by adopting the technological ideas of creating a virtual reality! We all know that looking for an online location or hotel is something just get an overview of the location through photographs. But still, there are some facilities for which you cannot create its photo like Wi-Fi connection or generous hospitality. And here, the technology comes up with the term Augmented Reality (AR).
It brings you out the virtual tour with 3D views of the nearby locations, Wi-Fi hotspot, real-time weather forecasts, and many more. The reason behind why this technique of AR becoming so popular is allowing hotels and other businesses in the holiday travel industry to enhancing the physical environment. Along with this virtual reality is also a new attraction becoming more popular nowadays which gives a proper 360-degree view of the location. There is one more feature joining the AR and Virtual Reality, is Blockchain. It is an advantageous combination where technology provides more security and transparency. Like the websites can provide you the details of flight, companies, and hotels and you can track them too. Progressive Web Apps are also playing a significant role in advancing the tour and travel industry. They are nothing but just the modern web pages that also act as mobile apps. This provides the usefulness of native apps but customers can access it through the web also. If a user books hotel through PWAs the user can access the information even without internet connectivity.
Some of these advance techniques can help in online travelling dealing websites to look upon the big data of customers and visitors and work accordingly to them.



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Date Added : 25-9-2020

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