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Carlino Officine is a highly specialized company dealing in construction, repair and maintenance of machines for processing and extracting Italian and foreign stones such as marine and coral stones, tuffs, limestone, etc… The company has been in business since 1964. Carlino Officine is an Italian manufacturer, leader in producing block cutting machines and unique machines for making vaults, archway, cornices and columns. These special machines may be of great help to contractors and developers who build customized and high standing stone finishes for their customers and require a production line rather than artisanal stone works to increase their output and the company’s profitability. In particular, Carlino Officine has been creating and innovating machines for processing and extracting stones that can be deployed in quarries, in the basic construction industry in general and in artistic construction works. Since the start of the business in the sixties, there has been a key evolution in the metal industry, construction and stone quarries. The experience and expertise acquired throughout the years has enabled Carlino Officine to improve newer and advanced technologies. At the moment, the main company’s focus is to deliver high quality machines to customers for different usage that can be exported all over the world since all machinery are compliant to international standards



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