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Communication Guru
Communication Guru provides practical and insightful tips and insights to help you improve your communication skills - vrbal, non-verbal, written and presentation skills....
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The Weedee Blog
Behind the scene of developing and maintaining a website....
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Rachel's diary
My blog is my private diary out for the world to see.
If you have a personality disorder you will find yourself right at home with what I'm talking about....
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Realistic Sanctuary blog
Realistic Sanctuary aims to provide a window for looking at how we might healthily address the cumulative effects of increasingly rapid change. This blog argues that becoming realistic about humanity’s problems is only the first challenge....
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Heckennedy blog & Podcast
Blog and podcast, hablando de cosas que a ti te interesan, videos, software, musica, celulares TODO!...
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Recherche Photography
Born from ideals of beauty and balance, it is a business that revolves around the unique beauty of its treasured clients. It is a Bohemian boutique that invites you to relax, dream, and escape from the daily grind. And it is a one-of-a-kind experience that will transform your landmark celebration into lasting, heirloom-quality memories fit for generations to come.

The staff of Recherche Photography have come together to create a personalized, intimate environment that is truly a fea...
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Customer Complaints Blog
A Toronto based blog dedicated to expressing complaints arising form interactions with businesses and organizations in Canada and the United States....
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Blogs on Canada Law
Find Blog posts on Canada Law, legal news, legal advice, interesting legal news, celebrity and legal, and many more blogs related to Law....
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Life with Canucklehead
The blog of Canucklehead.
Slightly more fun than a barrel of well-armed and recently provoked monkeys ......
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Social Fix
50 Years later: "There was bad food, environmental rot, programmed consumerism, corruption,
wars and poverty. After much distress a great improvement in life, society and the world began." ...
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