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Stained Glass - professional tips and techniques
Stained glass artists trained in England's oldest studio, founded in 1788, discuss all aspects involved in the creation of their work from their studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC....
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Guide to life blog
The Guide to Life Blog brings together all the pieces of the puzzle so that you may see a bigger picture. It is about growing and learning so that you can live an authentic life of abundance and turn your dreams into reality. Everyone needs a map of possibilities to find the pathway their dreams and step into the greatness....
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The King's Green Pad
Environmental stewardship and sustainability from a Christian perspective....
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Raptured Dreams
Random rants of my reverie...
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Indie, Alternative, Rock, Soul delivers a mix of new and old alternative, rock, soul, and indie music on the daily. is the blog with the artists, bands, and songs to help fill your iPod....
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Maple Swingers
Maple Swingers - News, Opinions, Industry Watch and Everything Sweet about the Lifestyle......
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Mamma Mia Italian Recipes - Let Mamma Feed You
Featuring some of our favorite homemade Italian recipes and more! If you love authentic Italian food cooking these recipes will be a hit with your family (la famiglia) ... Mangia!...
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The coupon center shop all the best coupons, discounts, promotional code, savings and free shipping....
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Medical Students blog on USMLE, Step 1, Step 2 and related content. Links to Medical books and Medical resources essential for medical students. Tons of free USMLE material....
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how to get a girlfriend
how men and women build their good relationship and better understanding....
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