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About Morya Food
The story of India’s Civilisation is also the story of her Cuisine & Cooking. In Maharashtra people are very fond of their authentic cuisines. In Morya we care for these values and want to carry forward this tradition and taste of the authentic Maharashtrian food.

“Maharashtrian food offers something for everyone” Some authentic food recipes are time consuming in preparation and difficult to maintain their taste, but at the same time they are high in nutritional values and extremely delicious. In today’s hectic lifestyle it has become very difficult to enjoy these authentic recipes very often.

“Morya Minerals & Foods Pvt. Ltd.” is giving an opportunity to enjoy the treasure of these authentic Maharashtrian foods easily, in the form of frozen foods. Morya Food products are prepared in an extremely hygienic environment by using rich natural grains, spices and other raw materials. The products maintain it’s rich authentic taste.

The products are unique and easy to cook because of less preservatives it will give you a homemade feel.We are planning to spread the unique taste of these foods in the Global Market.

I Believe ” Eating is a Necessity But, Cooking is an Art “.



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