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Founder and Executive Chairman of Online Integrated Solutions Ltd, Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu was born on the 9th of September 1966 in Nigeria. After earning a UK accredited MBA from Nasarawa University he set off to use his skills and knowledge to start his own businesses which traded with various services and products. Mahmood Ahmadu also acquired additional education which came in the form of numerous managements such as communication industry course and IT. He is passionate to give back to the society and he strongly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility should be embedded in our faith and culture for the betterment of the community.

After his first successful start in building a company called A2A with the substantial inheritance his father left, Mahmood became a superstar amongst the early pioneers in the field of GSM in northern Nigeria. Over the next few years, Mahmood Ahmadu leveraged his success to expand his business both locally and internationally. He further managed to build a strong international network among IT and Telecom companies which boosted his capability and credibility. For his successful endeavours in the technological field, Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu was recognized as one of the most Popular Nigerian Entrepreneurs. He is also a proud recipient of many awards such as ‘Officer of the Order of the Niger’ (OON) a national honour bestowed on him by the President of Nigeria. Mahmood Ahmadu was once falsely accused of the NIS recruitment scam and malicious news article was published with an intent to destroy the reputation of the successful Nigerian entrepreneur. However, all the accusation made on him turned out to be baseless and an act of FAKE NEWS. The Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners (AMPON) Wole Arisekola described the report as malicious with the intent of damaging the businessman’s hard-earned reputation. He also called for caution in the practice of investigating journalism and advised thorough professionalism in daily news reporting. Mr. Ahmadu is a man with the passion to support various charities, he is known for his generosity who funded many communities in around the world. Mahmood Ahmadu’s vision is to deliver solutions that will empower institutions and people to achieve their full potentials and achieve their goals.

He has raised numerous awareness on the importance of education as well as enhanced the quality of education through scholarship programs, in addition to donations made to various charities and individuals as well. This drive the entrepreneurial journey to build an African multi-business conglomerate built on Information Technology which continues to advance the Technology Infrastructure for governments in many African Countries to achieve cost-effective services for the people and their governments. Mahmood Ahmadu founded the Online Integrated Solutions commonly known as OIS, it is an online service and the official partners of numbers of diplomatic missions and a specialist Nigeria Visa and passport application agency. OIS is an affiliation of SW Global and it built a world-class data-centre for the Nigeria Immigration Service, in addition to developing a first of its kind border protection application include biometric data capture for all travellers with visas entering Nigeria. Today, he is recognized as a successful technological entrepreneur for his innovative venture and contribution in the field of technology.



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