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It is always refreshing to live in the lap of nature and feel the essence of nature. It gives you a relaxing sensation and drives your mind and heart towards peace and tranquility. So whether you live a rustic home feel amazed that you are getting a chance to enjoy the nature at its best. The aroma and clear sunny morning will rejuvenate you life every morning. It is always better to live in a small house which surrounded by nature from all the side rather a big home which is surrounded by all the amenities of life.

Living in the midst of nature also requires the perfect decoration of your abode to make it feel like nature. There are many things which can provide your home the refined natural look and will transform it into a new happening place for you to live in. First thing you must consider while changing your rustic abode into a beautiful specimen of nature calling is choose an overall theme and appropriate colors for your home. There are numerous exciting ways to decide on a theme. Perhaps if your house is situated near a lake where your family loves to spend time then go for a sailboat inspired theme that can add elements of your favorite hobby of relaxation. You can also go for wildlife, a theme which is inspired by wild animals like deer, bear etc and you want to make it entirely natural you can use nature inspired themes that feature pine trees, maple leaves etc. Selection of color should also have a pre dominating effect on the theme you have chosen. Wood, earth tones such as tans, greens and brown are few basic colors to be used and if you want it to make it filled with bright colors then choose colors like green, red, yellow, plum.

Another thing you must keep in mind from the start is the material choices you need to make for your interior spaces. The idea of having some walls dry walled and plastered in a heavily- textured pattern can create a natural look to the walls. The nature inspired wallpapers can also be used on the walls can also natural elements to it. Apart from walls flooring is also a very important factor to create a nature-inspired look. Bare-wood, hardwood planks, slate or the option of earth-toned tile can be a very useful option to create a natural look on the floor. These flooring choices a durable and reliable enough while creating instant sensation of your home stretching itself into its natural appearance.
Chandelier choices can also create a natural appearance. The best options can be an antler chandelier, log chandelier, antique brass or nickel varieties. Railings can also add in the beautification process. The railing of timber and logs are the best suited.

Adding every minute detail into your design can add charm to your project. Keep in mind when you are planning your home to be natural plan everything keeping in mind the theme you are going for. Small indoor plants placed on the table in the drawing room or near the stairs can bring nature to your home. If possible you can also dig a small pit with water in it and decorate it with floating candles or artificial flowers to beautify your outer space.

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Date Added : 18-2-2015