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Ladys Abortion Clinic Johannesburg is a legal women’s clinic providing safe termination of pregnancy services at affordable prices starting from R500. We are a well established center founded in 2000 and is being managed by an accredited doctor in reproductive healthcare.

We offer two types of procedures.
The Pill ( Medical Abortion )
This type of procedure is when two abortion pills are used to end the pregnancy. The first pill stops the female hormone progesterone. Without progesterone a pregnancy can not survive.
After a few hours another set of tablets will also be swallowed. These tablets will soften the lining of the cervix and shed of the uterus leading some abdominal pains
Surgical Abortion
Surgical procedure also know as aspiration is when an injection for pain (sedation) is used. while lying down a speculum is inserted to open your vagina wide open.
A local anesthetic will be inserted into your cervix to numb it then surgical instruments with handles for holding the cervix in place for easier dilation by absorbent rods. When done a suction is then inserted to take out the fetus and placenta.
Both procedures are performed by qualified doctor and free womb cleaning plus antibiotics are provided for each patient.



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