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Diversity in recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. Some struggle to understand its importance, not only in a business sense but also its societal effect.

For instance, diversity is a well-known problem in the technology industry, from a lack of female and minority representation to a culture of toxic behaviour in the workplace. Meanwhile, in engineering, only 13.6% of employees are women, and to quote the New York Times, “There are almost as many men named John in American leadership roles as there are women.”

Why are companies struggling to implement diversity?

Results of a case study conducted in the UK show that 85% of employers say increasing the diversity of their workforce is a priority. Unfortunately, 46% do not yet have programs in place to attract diverse candidates. According to some employers, the greatest challenge of trying to recruit from diverse backgrounds is a lack of suitably qualified applicants, especially at a senior level.

In some cases, companies are simply not willing to innovate and move away from old-fashioned recruitment processes. Traditionally, recruitment is biased toward candidates from reputable universities or former employees of big industry names, negatively impacting workplace diversity. Companies have gone on record to say the process of diverse recruitment isn’t cost-effective and claim they do not have the time or resources to adopt a more open system.

Why diversity is essential for businesses

Diverse recruitment is not only the right thing to do but also a smart one. Maintaining a diverse workforce promotes creativity and innovative thinking. More importantly, it encourages employees to express themselves more, knowing inclusivity is their employer’s top priority. This sense of belonging provides comfort and security, which will likely increase their productivity.

Diversity makes companies more resilient and adaptable — crucial components of any successful business. Interestingly, racially diverse teams have been shown to outperform non-diverse teams by up to 35%, while companies that maintain a culture of gender equality generate up to 41% more revenue.

Diversity also promotes mutual respect among employees and has wider-reaching effects on interactions outside the workplace. Every day, employees will encounter professionals of all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, and backgrounds, helping to reduce professional and personal conflict.

What tools can you use to recruit more diverse candidates?

Recruiters are currently using a range of tools to promote diversity during the hiring process.

• Proofing tools identify language in a job description that may discourage potential candidates.
• Web crawler software gathers information that allows recruitment managers to source candidates outside of the company’s usual talent pool.
• Gamification techniques encourage employers to design a recruitment process that identifies the core skills of candidates through engaging and motivational activities.

How can you promote diversity in the recruitment industry?

Here are our top tips for creating a diverse workforce.

• Blind hiring involves the use of computer software to obscure candidates’ personal information so it cannot affect a recruiter’s decision.
• Avoid using gender-specific language in job posts. Many of the words we use habitually are intrinsically gendered. For instance, we tend to think of words like “assertive” as male, while we may associate a word like “compassionate” with women.
• Promote equal access and opportunity. Potential candidates are far more likely to apply to work for a company that won’t use their identity as a barrier to opportunities.

In conclusion

Equality and inclusivity in the workplace have been shown to improve employee satisfaction, workforce morale, and company performance. With all the cultural changes that have taken place in recent years, organizations have a moral obligation to be more transparent than ever.

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