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It has become fairly common to hire domestic help in Singapore as many families who have settled in the country from other places look for maids from their own background. They seek help in household chores and taking care of their kids and the elderly. Most of them work for long hours in Singapore and expect someone to be there in their homes to assist them in everyday activities as well as for the safety of their children. Since many people consider hiring a professional domestic helper for their home, many Indian Agencies operating in Singapore hire experienced Indian maids looking to work as a domestic helper in Singapore.
These verified and credible employment Agencies act as the best possible sources of hiring domestic workers in Singapore as they help greatly in the paperwork as well as get through with the application process. If you are a first-time employer of Indian maids, then you can look for maid profiles on various maid agencies operating in Singapore for finding the right domestic helper for your requirements.
These websites offer plenty of maid profiles based on their background, experience, nationality and work preferences and you can choose to opt a domestic helper based on your requirements. The salary of a domestic helper will be based on their nationality, experience and the type of recruitment. Most of these Indian maids who are hired for domestic help in Singapore require food, lodging, medical and travel expenses which will be depending upon the employer. Therefore, finding a reputed Indian maid agency in Singapore will do the job for finding the best of Indian maids for domestic services in Singapore.
How to Hire an Indian Maid in Singapore?
Hiring a domestic helper especially an Indian maid in Singapore is a breeze with a credible maid agency as they will take care of the financial and legal aspects of hiring domestic helpers in the household. It is best to look for or experienced maids who are willing to work in Singapore and also you can hire members who belong to your nationality and be able to speak your language to make it easier for them to work in your home.
Here are the steps you need to follow to hire an Indian maid in Singapore,
Engage with the employment agency to settle the paperwork and apply for hiring an Indian maid in Singapore
Browse through the profiles of maids listed by the agency to find the most suitable domestic worker based on your preferences as well as check the background and employment history of the maid.
Conduct a face to face interview with the domestic worker, video call or a phone call before choosing the maid for your family.
Check the work permit, medical insurance, settling in program and the Employment checklist of each of the maids.
Once you have employed an experienced and professional maid confirm the helper salary based on their requirements.
Finally, you can get qualified and trained domestic helper for your family and also check for the services offered by the agencies before paying the fees.
Most of the Agencies will train the maids based on your requirements and also assist in providing all kinds of facilities for the maid by conducting frequent medical exam, regular check-ups, travel expenses and other financial costs for the live-in domestic helper.
Go for Reputed Indian Maid Agencies
If you are looking for Indian maids in Singapore, then you can check which is a reputed maid agency in Singapore that has been in the business for more than a decade. They are an credible employment agency that hires professionally experienced and trained Indian, South Indian Maids, Tamil Maids, Punjabi Maids, Sri Lankan maids for cleaning, gardening, babysitting, elderly care and cooking services. They will conduct a thorough background check, work permit application, medical and accident insurance and also train hired maids based on your requirements.
Overall, it is possible to hire an Indian maid in Singapore if you choose the right Indian maid agency in Singapore as they will assist in helping through the process and providing qualified as well as professionally trained maids for domestic services for your home.



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