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Express service is the best when you want to send packages immediately. With the help of logistics integrator such as Balaji send kits to customers all around the world at a reasonable price. Balaji courier provides the best and cheapest express courier service in India and at the international level also. In Balaji express service, the chances of the package getting lost are minimized as the packets reach the consignee through a single mode of transport; hence the chances of the package getting lost or damaged are less.

There are two ways in which you can book express service, i.e., either online or by visiting nearby Balaji courier service office. When you book it online, a shipping label will be generated which has to be pasted on the package. Sometimes, you will have to send certain items immediately the next day to a consignee in another city or country. Either personal or professional work, it is not advisable to bank upon standard service at this time as these services take time to reach the destination.

Our Express service includes;

It is inexpensive when compared to standard courier service.

We deliver the parcel on the next day in every case.
We provide express services for Pune, Mumbai, Gurgram, Noida, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. while our international approach for the same covers Canada, USA, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenna, etc.
The package is sent at night, still the customer support of Balaji always able to provide proper information on your parcel.
Few of the courier companies don't pick up on Sundays but, we have an open approach throughout the week.

How global transportation functions?

At the point when you utilize an express dispatch to transport something universally, they will be answerable for taking care of your bundle from the root nation right to the goal nation.

The procedure is somewhat extraordinary for postal administrations. For instance, on the off chance that you use USPS to transport something to the UK, USPS will deal with the conveyance up until the bundle is gotten in the traditions division at the goal nation. When it passes customs, the goal nation's postal help will deal with the remainder of the conveyance.
Utilizing postal administrations can likewise be inconvenient if obligations and charges apply to your shipment. Many express dispatches offer administrations to pre-pay responsibilities and duties for a smoother conveyance experience.

But, at Balaji, we believe in trust with a client and always work on the best possible way of working. The express courier service we offer today, fortunately, a more secure and less emotional procedure for both the customer and the messenger. In any case, at Balaji Courier Express Transport, Courier, Parcel, and E-trade Services, we like to take every dispatch administration with a similar significance as some other business activities we do.

Why Choose Balaji Courier for the express courier?

Our duty to the client begins with the sympathy and understanding we have regarding why a bundle ought to be conveyed in one spot and inside a specified time. That is the reason the express administration is our lead item. For its adequacy, we put our human group, and all our PC and correspondence intends to ensure the conveyances. BCC has a strong network of intermodal transport systems. With the help of this, we use the combination of various transport modes like railway, air, and roadway to deliver your parcels at record time.

Balaji Courier Services has been in the industry since 2001 and working with professional teams that effectively handle the complications and management of routine with the help of their expertise. Our reliable customer service works around the clock to address your concerns and grievances. We ensure that you get nothing less than the best service possible from our end. We believe in offering security at first. Security is our primary focus during the transport of couriers internationally and locally. We also offer Self Automated Tracking system to manage the delivery of your parcel. Through this tracking system, our customer can track their item effectively.



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