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Instagram currently has around 1 billion monthly users, making it one of the most used and appreciated apps globally. Seeing this stat, it is obvious that marketers& brands are aiming to exploit this platform and expand their social presence. One of the most celebrated apps worldwide, Instagramís 64% users are aged between 18 and 29, making it a medium through which youngsters can be targeted for effectual advertising and promotions.

Letís look at some of the ways and strategies through which Instagram can be used efficiently for digital marketing and online promotions!

1. Quality content production
Making an Instagram page is easy, but making a good one is challenging! To make a good page and attract a good amount of followers would need quality content which would engage users and compel them to checkout your new posts. If this works out well, this can turn out to be an ace of a move for promotions.

2. Cross-promotions across other platforms can expand the postís reach
Uploading and sharing on Instagram is great, but sharing the same post across various other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is greater! This is really a good step to share the post for a better reach.

3. Promotions should establish a connect to the audience
Every promotion tells a story! But what if this story isnít engaging or connecting enough? Then it will surely go in vain! So, every promotion should be well designed and planned so as to establish the instant connection with the user.

4. Apt usage of #Hashtags
Using hashtags is very very very crucial! Proper usage of hashtags can do wonders for your post as it can provide an organic reach without any sponsored effort.

We looked at some of the efficient usages of Instagram through which your profiling could go stronger and it can attract followers. Once the audience is built, organic promotion is a big fun as this reach proves to be fruitful, giving you very good platform to conduct your online promotions.



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