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We know proposing is a huge milestone in taking your relationship to the next level. When looking back, you don't want to ruin the memory of this momentous occasion with a small mistake which can easily be fixed.

When taking your relationship to the next level and proposing to your partner, you will want to keep it a secret and surprise them in the best possible way. If it doesn't fit, it can be resized after the purchase, but there is no better feeling than surprising your better half with their dream ring, sized to perfection.

Our years of experience with pre-proposal nerves have given us exclusive insight to just how much planning goes into popping the question. With that in mind, weíve put together a must-read guide to selecting the right ring size without asking your partner.

Borrow the Ring She Already Has
The first and easiest option for finding your partners' ring size is by borrowing a ring. Itís crucial that you donít borrow a ring they wear often, because when they realize itís missing, suspicions will arise. You must also know which finger they wear this ring on, as the sizes will change depending on this!
Trace a Ring
Tracing your partner's ring is often more convenient than borrowing it, especially if they only have a few signature pieces of jewellery making it easier to notice when one is missing. Trace the inner diameter of the ring by drawing its circumference on the paper; this will enable the jeweler to gather a selection and find a suitable size.

While this isn't the perfect way to find their ring size, it will help the jeweler get a rough idea to work from.
Help From Friends
Who is better to ask than your partnerís closest friends? Friends know each other inside out, and so, they will not only help you with the ring size but may also come up with some fantastic tips to make your proposal a special one.
One way you can do this is through getting friends to compare rings with your partner to get an idea in comparison to your partner. This may also spark a discussion about style preferences should you be struggling to find the perfect design.
These few tips will help you know your beloved's ring size. However, the first point will give the best idea, and the last two would help as there's no real substitute for providing your jeweler with the exact measurements.
Should this be an impossible feat and you can only get an approximate size, our experts recommend that you always purchase a slightly bigger ring. The resizing process is simple and affordable when making it smaller, and in the meantime your other half can wear it to show their loved ones, even if itís a little loose.

No matter where or how you choose to pop the big question, choosing the perfect symbol of your commitment is invaluable.



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