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One should consider air volume and pressure combination while purchasing pressure blower. These centrifugal air blowers are essential in various industrial and commercial processes where desired air volume and pressure is required. The selections of centrifugal blowers are largely depending on the system pressure, operating environment, temperature, noise level and application. Centrifugal blowers are also classified based on their pressure generation system such as low pressure blower, medium pressure blower and high pressure blower.

The blade configurations of these pressure blowers allow them to function in wider range of applications manage large airflow and pressure conditions. They can generate more pressure than other types of blowers at same comparing rotational speed. Centrifugal blowers have less possible damages and overloading due to their high power capability. Moreover they are available in multiple size and specifications. They are better choice for different industrial applications especially where large volume of air is required to fulfill various industrial and commercial applications. An inline exhaust fan is type of a fan where air enters through inlet and forced inside the housing before exits at an angle of 90 degree.

Centrifugal blowers are made with straight blade radial wheel but they are also designed with backward curved wheel as per given application. Blower wheels are made up of cast aluminum and blades placed at 90 degree of the wheel back plate. Consumption of horse power of pressure blower depends on the static pressure. Less horse power required when static pressure is high. Centrifugal blowers are used in variety of industrial and commercial applications such as dust-smoke removal, air source, ventilation, air circulation, temperature maintenance, cooling, moisture removal and many more. Some pressure blowers which are made using cast aluminum widely used in the spark and fire resistant applications due to their non sparking properties.

One should carefully evaluate the application requirement of blower before making final decision of purchase. Blower selection should be made as per pressure requirement, noise level, power consumption, application and environment where it will suppose to work. One can also differentiate between industrial air blower and commercial blower by determining construction, design, performance and application difference between them. You should consider other factors such as quality, price, lead time, fix time and output result to make perfect decision for your required application. If we calculate all the given factors than we find that biggest differentiator is durability. The pressure blower is more durable with little maintenance. Therefore they can save money in long term investment over commercial blowers.



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