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As we all think IT support and service is not so easy, everyday there will be many more problems which develops and without doing proper clearing they will results in impacting business of our clients. Before that our IT maintenance team identifies and tackles these types of problems.
There are also administrative IT tasks like patching, updates and disk cleaning that are very disruptive. Our IT support ensures that these types of activities are happening only out of office hours.
The main IT support duties of Techvertu team are summarised as follows:
• SERVER CARE: We have a physical server and our team of IT engineers reviews the following items to ensure the health of your website setup. They are:
- Testing regularly whether the backups are working correctly
- Checking the event logs for the fault patterns
- Reviewing the hardware regularly, ensuring all the components are working properly
- Also perform regular updates and patching if necessary
• Network checks: need to do the regular check for the following:
- Monitor the health of switches and routers
- Reviewing the internet connection regularly
- Reviewing the WiFi setup
• Workstation checks: Regarding the Workstation, we need to perform regular checks to cover some issues that slows down the current users:
- Do a regular scan for finding the malware
- Check anti-virus protection
- Do or schedule recent updates
- Review the PC hardware for checking slowing or other issues related to speed.
• Wider Checks and Regular Planning’s: As the last but not the least an IT support team has to be always active and planned to do wider checks all on a sudden.



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