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Old buildings with cracks are not safe for you and your family to live in. In this situation, you have to decide whether to demolish or renovate your home. To help you make a better decision, you have to gather information and understand the pros and cons of renovation and demolition.
These are things you have to consider before you decide:
⦁ The first thing you have to do is to get your house or building inspected. Once the inspection is complete, you' 'll be reported the overall condition considering the age and type of the house. The contents of the report will give you the right information to either demolish your house or renovate.
⦁ The second thing to consider is to know the possible cost when you demolish your house and compare the price if you renovate, depending on the size and type of the house. You also have to compare the demolition or renovation upfront and long-term costs.
⦁ The third will be your budget. It is essential to know how much you can spend. Is your budget enough for demolition or renovation? Demolition and Construction can be expensive at first but it can guarantee the safety of your family. Since the materials are new and the foundation is stronger than before. On the other hand, Renovation is less expensive than Demolition at first. However, it does not guarantee the safety and can't be considered a long lasting solution. There might be a possibility that you will renovate it again. For an old house, a lot of faults can occur. Renovation can be expensive too if it happens yearly.
⦁ The fourth will be longevity. It is significant to know whether you want a longer-lasting solution or a temporary solution. You have to think if your budget is not enough then a temporary solution like renovation can be an option but if you want a long-lasting solution then you should consider House Demolition and then Construction.
⦁ The fifth will be the warranty. Warranty is important in case of accidents and calamities.
⦁ 6th if it's livable during construction or not. For demolition it is not livable it can be prone to an accident so it is best to leave the area. On the other hand, Renovation can be safe and livable during construction however it depends on how big the renovation will be. Also, it's best to leave the area if you have an allergic reaction to dust.
There might be other factors to consider that are not listed here, so it is necessary to do more research. Being able to know these factors will help you a lot to avoid making wrong decisions and make the right decisions in your life.
It is best to ask a professional in each field to know more.



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