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Office Space is one of the most crucial aspects of any organisation, which demands a large amount of capital investment. The decision of selecting any work place can be a make or break for any business.
Selecting an office space can be confusing and daunting at the same time, however, here we have some points to keep in mind while selecting the right workplace for you, from the O2 Genie.

1. The Nature of your Business

The ideal office space should be large enough to accommodate all the employees. One needs to be certain about the kind of business, no. of employees and future plans related to the business, in order to find the perfect work place.

2. Location-

Another important aspect to find any workspace is the LOCATION. O2 genie puts a lot of emphasis on the location.

While looking at the place there are 2 types of questions that comes to the mind -

1) Can the client reach there without much hassle?
2) Are your employees comfortable in commuting to the work place?
If you find a positive answer to these two questions, thatís the time you can consider the option.

After all itís essential for us to keep the happiness of our clients and our employees.

3. Value for Money

A strict comparison and analysis of work spaces is a must have to finalise any workspace. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. Calculate all the costs included in shifting your business from one place to another. If the moving is not helping you make more money, then itís not worth it at all. The driving factor should always be profitability and growth to your business.

4. Size

Another important aspect is the size of your office.

What is the point of having a cramped up space? There are certain mandates to keep in mind -
 Does the work space require separate meeting rooms where one can have discussions?
 Also have a quality check on the rest rooms.
 The pantry/canteen area is to be checked as well.

There is no doubt that cramped offices reduce creativity and it should be taken into deep consideration.

5. Security-

While looking at all the points above, the most important tip is to ensure security. Be it physical security, IT security, Web Security etc. While some offices like managed or serviced, generally include the factors affecting security as a part of their plan. But if you are leasing privately, you will need to look at that factor as your most important preference.

Offices, generally reduce their costs by being oblivious to this very important fact. As an owner, one is responsible for the employees/staff hired by them, also the confidentiality of important tasks and documents.

Finding a perfect office space as per your requirement can be a daunting process. However following O2 GENIEís tips should be able to reduce your efforts and ease out the whole process.



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