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We all want to have an expensive-looking kitchen, donít we? However, the renovation cost might pose a challenge to our finances. What if, however, there was a way to make your kitchen look expensive without having to spend thousands of dollars? The good news is there is an actual way to do that.

To help you achieve this goal, weíve gathered the best tips to transform your kitchen from tired-looking to brand new-looking!

#1 Change The Lighting

This is probably one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to designing a kitchen. It is essential to realize that the right kind of lighting can influence the entire look and ambiance of your kitchen area. Additionally, it is also important to learn how lighting affects the ceiling and the flooring. Ceilings are capable of absorbing or reflecting light which is highly important when it comes to food preparation. Darker flooring can deflect bright lights while lighter flooring can maximize the brightness of your lighting fixtures.

The best part about changing your lighting is you donít have to spend a tremendous amount of money just to brighten up your kitchen. With the right budget, you can replace your ordinary light bulbs with LED lights. In fact, LED lights are known to be energy efficient and long lasting; they also come in cool, warm, and neutral colours. Talk about cost effectiveness!

#2 Use Artworks

Some people might disagree about putting good paintings in the kitchen area. However, artworks are helpful in elevating any room, and that includes your kitchen. Even an open rental kitchen can turn into a fantastic space with the use of artwork.

If you have an empty wall in your kitchen area, instead of letting it sit there looking dull and boring, try adding a personal touch of beautiful artwork into the scene. Your kitchen might not be the first place that you can think of to put some paintings, but it can definitely make your kitchen one of a kind. Just ensure that the artwork is protected by a covering or place it away from heated areas.

#3 Add Stylish Hardware

Hardware is like jewelry when it comes to kitchen designing. It gives out a sense of uniqueness and authenticity. If you want to make your kitchen look stylish, adding some rightly picked hardware can enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen area.

Matching stylish hardware to your kitchen cabinets can also bring out a more elegant look. With regards to your budget, opting for spray-painted hardware can save you a lot of money.

#4 Do Repainting

Itís not a secret that painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most effective ways to change an old kitchen. Choosing the right paint colour will play a big part in the whole process, especially if you want to make your kitchen look more modern. Transforming a dark coloured kitchen using a coat of glossy white paint can surely make a difference in terms of your kitchenís visual appeal.

Additionally, kitchen cabinets repainting is far cheaper than doing a replacement. Thus, you can save a lot of money if youíll have them repainted instead of purchasing a new set for your kitchen.

Paint Core Finishes can contribute to save you money while making your kitchen more beautiful than before with their repainting services. At Paint Core Finishes, we always provide our customers with top-notch refinishing and services that are much more affordable than doing a replacement. With the combination of meticulous preparation and useful application systems, we can provide you with amazing results!



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