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The traditional fashions of contemporary European designers have tightly entered the lives of Indian women. At the same time, fashionistas managed to maintain the originality and beauty of Indian color, bring bright colors and accessories to ordinary everyday clothes.
Indian Salwar costumes have remained part of the everyday wardrobe of a modern woman. Why haven't they lost their beauty? What types of women’s Indian costumes are fashionable to wear today? What are the best combined with? We will deal with the new blog
Salwar costume has long been the main outfit of Indian women. The costume is constantly evolving and improving. This is not only a comfortable outfit, over time it has become a fashionable and stylish trend.
Benefits of salwar costumes
Indian salwar costumes have a number of advantages, why they are so popular so far. This is suitable for most body types and events. The only problem is choosing a suit from a variety of styles and looks. The advice of our stylists will help you make the right decision.
Anarkali costumes
Anarkali costume is one of the most beloved in the wardrobe of an Indian woman. To choose it correctly, you must avoid the length below the floor. The skirt should barely touch your feet. If you have a full figure, choose dark shades of the color of the suit. At the same time, the sewing lines should be smooth, and the pattern is not too bright and eye-catching. For tall and thin girls, the choice will not pose a problem. This option is perfect for your figure.
Palazzo or Sharara costumes
Palazzo suits a new look at the familiar Salwar costume. Here you can show your creativity and creativity. This option is for those who have long wanted to try an atypical costume design and surprise their girlfriends at a party. Unfortunately, this style does not look good for girls of short stature. He makes the figure even smaller and pulls growth to the floor.
The best choice for tall girls. Direct kurti and pants balance their figure, making it smooth and graceful. For full women, this will add volume to the lower half of the body, make the figure even shorter.
Direct suits
This style is suitable for a girl with absolutely any type of physique. He looks fashionable, cheeky and modern.
A straight long jacket with churidar is suitable for cultural events, weddings or engagement ceremonies, and even for official office wear.
A straight suit with a neckline makes a short woman look taller, while she naturally increases the strength of a tall woman.
Patiala Costumes
This style is ideal for girls with an hourglass figure. Also known as Punjabi costume, this option will perfectly play for you if you want to become fashionable, but at the same time pay tribute to traditional Indian beauty and retro aesthetics.
Salwar front slit suit (pic 6)
This style will add sensuality to your look. For a triple build, pick up a stiffer fabric. If you have full hips, it is better to choose chiffon or georgette. Girls with short stature can wear high heels and unbutton a suit with a slit, like a diva.



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